Domestic violence hole 

Now you’d think this will happen naturally given all the noise about domestic violence in Samoa lately. 

A friend of BTL took a victim of domestic violence who was badly bruised and beaten to the hospital.

She was in the emergency and was required to undergo emergency x-ray and scans to check for internal bleeding.

Within a few hours, she was discharged. 

But here is the thing, not one person at the hospital was interested in what happened to her and how she sustained the injuries?

You would think that there are mechanisms already in place where the hospital would ask questions and immediately contact the Police?

In this case, there was none. How many more domestic violence perpetrators are allowed to walk free because of this?


Under staffed? You’re kidding!

Interesting how you see so many Government ministries complaining about being understaffed. 

And yet on any given week, you see three sometimes more different officials from the same Ministry posting photos of themselves on Facebook showing where in the world they are at for workshops and trainings.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that maybe if you keep them in Samoa, those Ministries will not be under staffed.

And how many trainings and workshops do certain people need to attend to do their work properly? 

What time do they have to do any work at all? 

That is the biggest question. 

Some of them are way over trained.


Christians in China 

Since P.M. Tuilaepa claims that his government’s appointment is divine, they should have an answer to this.

Why should Samoa be doing business with a country that’s pulling down crosses and burning Christian homes back in China?

Since Samoa recently became an official Christian state, surely Stui should take a stand against the persecution of Christians in China?

Or do we need to pray about it?

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