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Message from the publisher

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us, and wherever you are in Samoa or around the world, we hope you are managing well with the impact it has had on your daily lives.

As members of the Fourth Estate, we are well aware of our role in society in carrying out our duties and responsibilities to the Samoan people that we serve.

But these are challenging times that require a global effort of participation and care. A time where we all must do whatever is necessary to ensure we can continue long after the pandemic or threat of it leaves our shores.

Our part

Our commitment to informing the public is now stronger than ever as our responsibility to those who now pay for our journalism grows each day.

But as we face this rare crisis together, we want to do our part by making our journalism more accessible.

Therefore, we have implemented a new pricing plan for the next three months that will apply to both new and existing subscribers in a range of currencies.

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NZD $2.00
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WST $3.60

Thank You

Your faith and support in our pursuit of the truth regardless of the consequences holds us true to our mission everyday.

Muliaga Jean Malifa
Samoa Observer