Between the Lines


Nothing tastes good like free beer. That is what some residents near Apia were treated to as cartons of beer fell off a truck. There is a video in circulation that shows smiling while holding the bottles.


Another month dusks and another will dawn, and with it, there will be new fuel prices. According to the Iran and Israel incident, the oil mafia will surely be upping the price. Brace for it.


If there is $204 million left in district grants and the government says they will divide it equally among say 100,000 voters, that $20,400 to each voter, even more if registered voters are less.


Unruly sports behaviour is becoming too common at most sports events, especially rugby games, where spectators get more involved than players. A blanket ban on such events could be a lesson.


The price control people need to look at the prices of vegetables at the market. This could be one of the reasons why vegetables are missing from meals.


Still on prices, metres need to be issued to cab drivers to keep cab fares unifiorm. A few people were perplexed when they were charged almost $8 extra from a cab run they had taken a day earlier.



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