Between the Lines


An executive of a sporting body thought she was also the boss of this newspaper as she kept tugging and pushing a journalist who was interviewing a celebrity with consent. Let the media do its work.


A hotel manager also joined to patronize the journalists. He accused two of upsetting the guest. When asked how that had been done. The manager had no answer.


Some congregations have taken the faamati to the extreme. A few have been purchasing cars for their spiritual parents. One congregation bought a brand new Landcruiser for their church minister.


The ripple effect of the high power bills will be felt by normal people. Businesses have always passed on the extra cost of operation to the consumer. Brace for higher prices of goods.


It is wait to be seen if the compulsory election registration law impacts the number of overseas Samoans wanting to visit home. Some may not want to register.


How will overseas Samoans who have registered vote if they return? Will the government pay their airfare to come and vote or is a postal ballot among the cards?


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