Between the Lines


Wonder what is happening to the 600 acres of land in Savaii that was leased to a Hawaiian company for 120 years. Apparently this is also linked to a cabinet minister who is also rumoured to be building a resort on the big island. Might be worth a check to see who the benefactors of this deal are.


The scanner for the wharf in Apia is due to arrive in July and the experts will be here to set it up. The building to house the scanner is yet to be built. It looks like another two years before the machine could be used because of the housing issue. Money well spent.


There is a shortage of beds at the maternity ward resulting in babies and mums being put in the pre-natal wards. But this ward has holes in the ceiling, the air conditioner is not working and there were leaks after the heavy downpour. Hopefully, the state of the hospital is not reflecting the state of the health system.


Assuming that the word is out now that the loan scheme run by the superannuation authority is about to be scrapped. The offices could expect long lines from people who would be looking to loan some money before this becomes a policy.


A church which was lately called a cult had taken down its sign board when the story was published. It seems the sign is back up again after the story has etched away from people’s minds.  Remember people have the right to choose their religion.


There are one million $60tala notes that have been printed. This equates to $60 million tala which will be introduced into the Samoan economy. This could have been thought out a bit better. Printing money has its adverse effects. The most common is prices of goods going up. Surely, there is a measure in place.



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