Between the Lines


Fagalii and Maota are going to get renovation work because there needs to be space for the private or government owned jets that would be coming in for C.H.O.G.M. When checked last time, the runaways at these airports can only accommodate small planes. Waste of taxpayer’s is being smelt here.


Samoan gentleman thought he struck it lucky when a French lady confessed her love for him through messages on social media platform. Luckily enough a tech savvy family member checked the number he was being contacted on. It was a man from Nigeria. Be careful.


A couple of weight loss challenge competitions are on. While a lot of them are actually intending to lose weight, there are some who come just for the pictures. These participants arrive at least 15 minutes late into training just to take pictures and post on social media. This is the perfect formula for no weight loss.


Close to 17 Samoans who are on a four year work contract in Australia are facing some difficulties. They have moved out of the company provided accommodation but deductions for rent are still continuing. Despite complaints, three months down the line, nothing has been done.


The South Pacific Tourism Organisation is having an expo in New Zealand. All other countries have brought their technical people to discuss ways to bring more people to their shores while Samoa has taken their beauty queen Miss Samoa. Wonder why tourism strategies are not hitting the spot?


The biggest church in the country is meeting this week and next week and the Catholic Church is having an international meet. It will be a very busy week. There is just a thought if the churches will come up with a social responsibility packages to help unprivileged children finish education. Sure enough millions of tala has been raised.


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