Public urge caution, flight bans during Alert Level 2

By David Mala 02 February 2022, 1:00PM

Dena Limutau, 49, Fagaloa

"I feel that it is going well with what the Government has laid out for our country. But I believe right now our country needs to be very firm and steady in this difficult times and everyone should listen and abide by what the Government is instructing our nation to do. There is no need to panic, it's only those who came on the charter flight who were infected. Currently, there are no community cases in Samoa, our first priority is that we must come together as a nation and stand united through prayer and fasting so our heavenly father remove the virus from Samoa."

Galuvaa Ioane Sioli, 50, Fagalii Uta

"I fully support the initiative of the Government, but just a humble request that I would like to voice out to our Government not to accept any more flights coming into our country. I strongly believe and feel this is the main reason why our country is affected by COVID-19 and we must take note of nations abroad affected by the pandemic. We must understand the virus is spreading quickly and it is taking many lives of people. There is no need for us to rush into re-opening our borders: our Government should not try to please the needs of the people but must put the safety of our nation first."

Mona Tialata, 27, Falevao

"I know that the COVID-19 has arrived in Samoa but in my own opinion we must listen to and cooperate with the plan that has been laid out by our Government.Everything will fall into place and run smoothly if we cooperate and put into action this plan to make sure that the safety of every citizens in our country comes first."

Paulo Pati, 50, Faleula

"In my own opinion I believe our Government should close the borders to reduce the risks of getting more COVID-19 cases into Samoa. Banning flights from overseas must be considered right now due to the current positive cases.We as a nation must abide by the rules given out by the Ministry of Health to try and wear face masks in public places and ensure the 2 meters social distancing rule is maintained. Everyone should have Covid-19 vaccination cards in order for them to have access to public areas such as banks or shops. Samoa's population is less than a million compared to neighbouring nations. If the virus spreads out we might suspect a community case, but I believe our doctors cannot reduce and cure those who are infected."

Siona Schuster, 53, Apia

"I believe that the Government's decision to open up our borders to open flights from overseas was too early, they should have considered and looked at other countries before making that decision. The Government should close the borders in the meantime to ensure our country and people will not face the challenges that other countries and people are currently facing with the COVID-19 global pandemic."

Aolele Peresia, 25, Apia

"In my own opinion our Government should get us into another lockdown.I believe that the previous lockdown last week by our Government went smoothly. I know that the only thing we need during lockdown is essential items such as food and other goods needed by our people to survive. I believe that our Government should approve a plan for us to go into lockdown, to make sure that the safety of the people comes first before the reopening of our borders."


By David Mala 02 February 2022, 1:00PM
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