Public question authenticity, timing of H.O.S.' announcement

By Marietherese Nauer 06 July 2021, 12:00PM

Tagaloa Runi Masame, 48, Vaitele Fou

“Last night's announcement by the Head of State, he clearly stated that the Parliament will convene 2nd of August. The TV1 program with the caretaker Prime Minister, a news reporter from TV 1 asked him if he is ready for the Parliament to convene on Monday and he answered yes. Later on the caretaker Prime Minister said to wait for the Head of State’s statement which will come late at night. Even when the Head of State read, he struggled reading it as it was like someone else wrote the statement which he read out. The caretaker Prime Minister is still fighting for a sixth seat for a woman MP, he even said it last night in the PM’s Program that the political crisis could go on until 2023.”

Tava’esina Faanene, 53, Nofoalii

“The night announcement made by the Head of State is not good, we all know what happens in the dark. Samoa knows that the Head of State's statement was written by the caretaker Prime Minister and he passed it onto the Head of State to read it out to members of the public. Our people don’t need this kind of leadership to wait last minute and late at night to say an announcement, it shows how he does not love the country. The court order that the Parliament convenes within seven days and that is Monday today. The Head of State should be neutral and make peace within our country but instead he is adding fuel to fire. Even if he said it’s on the 2nd of August, I doubt it will come true.”

Lauano Ah Ching, 56, Moamoa

“First off the Head of State’s timing of his official announcement was not a good idea as it was on a Sunday and late at night. People rest on Sunday and do not work, (his address) shows how low and weak he is. The action of the Head of State is bringing embarrassment to our country together with the caretaker Prime Minister. The announcement made by the Head of State last night is unofficial because he also sounded like it was not him who wrote the announcement. His address clearly showed how he struggled and made mistakes when he read it so it was given to him by someone else."

Luafitu Ah Chong, 48, Vaiala

“Our country has waited for a Parliament for months now, court orders that the Parliament convenes within seven days and last day is today (Monday). Parliament should convene today but instead the Head of State announced that it will be on August 2nd. He should have announced it days before the appointed day but it was hours away and it was late at night. It would make sense if he announced it during day time but above all let’s pray for peace among and within our country.”

Tavai Maletino, 57, Salesi

“I am not taking sides with whatever party but there has to be a government for our country, it is even taking months for the Parliament to sit. The Head of State announced that the Parliament will convene on the 2nd of August, I just hope it will happen. Our country needs a Parliament with good leaders to govern our country.”

Victoria Nansen, 55, Leauvaa

“The caretaker Prime Minister is playing with Samoa and its people, if the Supreme Court ordered that the Parliament convene within seven days then we must follow it. The Head of State postponed it to the 2nd of August, postponing it won’t do any better. Samoa, it seems like there is nothing sacred with the actions of both the Head of State and the caretaker Prime Minister.”

By Marietherese Nauer 06 July 2021, 12:00PM
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