“It’s a lot better for our environment”

09 January 2019, 12:00AM

Members of the public react to the plastic ban and the call to encourage the use of re-useable shopping bags. This is what they told Talaia Mika, Yolanda Lavatai and Misiona Simo.


Monica Naini, 19, Vaoala

I think the reusable bags are better than the plastic bags. I don’t know about the others but in my own experience seeing people who come in our store every day, I know that they don’t really love using the plastic bags. Our reusable bags are rapidly bought by customers and it’s good. It’s safer for our environment and living.


Taimane  Faasau, 40, Vaisigano

It’s good to bring back our culture and traditions like weaving the Samoan bags with coconut leaves. Our family is also starting to use the reusable bags now and it’s very nice. It feels good knowing you’re saving the environment. The only problem we sometimes encounter is when we forget the bag at home when we go for shopping so that’s when we might need a plastic bag. I agree with the banning of plastic bags.


Annie Piula, 24, Lalovaea

We sell the reusable bags for $5 because for now, we’re not using the plastic bags anymore except the ones that are left here in our company, we still use them since the new regulation hasn’t been official yet. It’s nice that a lot of our customers really love buying these reusable bags for their shopping and they’ve gotten used to using them by bringing them with them when they come to shop. Another thing I’m noticing is that a lot of our usual customers like using the reusable bag.


Devine Lalatoa, 17, Vaitele

Plastic has always been a big contributor for polluting our ocean and wildlife. We use it, then do not dispose it properly. Transitioning from plastic bags to reusable tote bags or grocery bags is an ideal way of saying that we care about our environment and trying to stop the pollution. But it will be challenge if Samoa does not all agree and commit to it.


Nobuaki Miyata, 63, Vaoala

I am working with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (S.P.R.E.P.) that is in support with the new regulation of banning plastic bags. I personally support and have already begun using my own tote-bag for shopping.


Aiga Johnson, 70, Moataa

I have already started making a collection of my own reusable grocery bags because soon enough we will no longer be using plastic bags from the stores. Personally I think it is for a good cause. There is just too much pollution already from plastics. I hope this is just the first in many more ways to help the environment.


Ila Elia, 21, Afega

I think what the government and people in Samoa are doing is great. First it will help our local businesses save money and second it will make our nation a lot cleaner. There is just too much rubbish from the plastic bags that the public disposes in the environment.


Tulafono Tauvauu, 32, Faleatiu

Anything the government has decided to set in motion has already been decided upon. Plastic bags and plastics in general have been an issue in Samoa because it creates a lot of unnecessary rubbish, clutter and pollution to the country’s good environment. It is about time Samoa do something about it.


09 January 2019, 12:00AM
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