Street Talk: Is the internet in Samoa affordable?

By Anetone Sagaga 20 March 2024, 7:00PM

Is the internet in Samoa affordable? From the young to the elderly, most use the internet, either for communication, being a social butterfly, education or games. Samoa Observer's photojournalist Anetone Sagaga asked the members of the public about the price of the internet.

Leva’ai Unese ,18, Faleata

“As a student, I find it very hard to balance my data usage together with what's required for assignments. I would receive the 75% or the 50% data usage message from the phone company and I’ve barely streamed online. To me, I’d prefer if there were cheaper options instead.”

Elenor Fruean, 17, Apia

“I had just finished getting my tuition paid which cost $2000 and my budget is really tight as of now. Yes, I feel like my data has gone faster than it used to before. The bundles are really expensive and unaffordable. It costs $3 for 2GB and it's only for 24 hours and that just won’t cut it for us students. I know have to try and save up $13 to get a bundle for longer online surfing.”

Olivetti Ah Him, 16, Vailima

“When I was in College my data consumption wasn’t high. Now that I’m in university, I really need to be online with most of the courses that I am taking. I agree that the data runs out faster than it used to and it’s a pain when you’re a full time student and having to spend more than you need.”

Ornan Tamasese, 18, Moataa

“As a student without a job yet, it’s quite difficult having to buy data bundles to help with my studies. It's expensive and I know my budget isn’t enough for that. I get $10 for lunch and when I need to surf the internet for some info I will use my meal cash to purchase data bundles which won’t last more than I need. It’s unfortunate because students use an online system called moodle." 

Sofia Paepae, 34, Lalomanu

“As a consumer, I had a slight trouble with data usage from our telecommunication companies on island. Data bundles are indeed expensive, so I get families abroad to top up my phone and supply data deals for me. My data bundles have indeed become faster but it hasn’t affected me. Maybe for other people but for myself it’s ok."

Tala Ah Lam, 31, Vaigaga

"Data bundles have become a bit expensive but it is still affordable for an average user like myself. It is limiting bundles that have become quite an issue for me, for example when I purchase a $15tala data bundle which should last me 7 days but mid week that data would already be finished when I've barely streamed online."


Laiga Taro, 50, Vaitele Fou

"I am a constant online user myself and for my small business where I sell pot plants and second hand clothing wear, I use the internet to sell my products on Facebook makeki online. The data goes really fast these days, I don't purchase much but a $3tala package should last me a day but it seems like my data vanishes within a few hours.I wish there were cheaper options."




Toefuata'ina Feliua'I, 23, Toamua-Uta

"From my perspective as a user and also someone who works, it's not affordable enough. Just last week I vowed to never buy a $25tala data bundle again, cause that didn't last 5 days, it was disappointing and I felt robbed, to be honest. Also, it would be nice to do data rollout again, I'm sure it exists but it hasn't been publicised much. I hope the internet gets cheaper in future."

By Anetone Sagaga 20 March 2024, 7:00PM
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