Don’t be a tosser, keep Samoa clean

Sometimes when driving around our beautiful island admiring the lush green vegetation and gardens, - you get the shock of your life when you see young people and sometimes older people casually chuck their food packaging or whatever waste they have in their hands aside onto the path or in someone's garden and continue walking.

Rewind back to a school sports day held last month at Apia Park where the amount of rubbish littered across the grounds was almost knee deep. 

To see students casually and recklessly throw their rubbish on the ground without a care, even though there is a waste bin a metre away from them is just disgusting, let’s be honest. 

It’s up to you how you live your life at home, but c’mon lets respect common public areas. 

On the other hand whoever is in charge of fitting public waste bins, can we please have more than one per 100 people? 

There are still people in Samoa who want to throw their rubbish in the bins provided, lets encourage those other litter bugs to do the same.  Please.


Shipping priorities 

Let’s see.  The Samoa Shipping Corporation was a major sponsor of the recent Miss Samoa where the Corporation said it was honoured to be part of the pageant.

How much the Corporation spent, it could not be confirmed. What we can confirm is that just last month; the S.S.C. sailors paid a visit to the Prime Minister over pay grievances. 

They want to be paid what they are worth.

Wouldn’t it have been better for the Corporation to spend that money to help the sailors? 

Priorities? Just saying.


Conned in Samoa

Yesterday afternoon, I went to buy lunch from the market when a man, maybe in his late 40s, asked for $5 for his bus fare so he can go and visit his son who is sick. As a parent, you know the feeling when we are told that our children are sick we will drop everything and go to take care of them.

So I gave this man $10 and told him “speedy recovery on your son.” 

A few minutes later, I came out of the market and just happened to walk to the fish market. 

Lo and behold, this bugger who had begged for $5 to see his sick son was laughing away having a cigarette.

Conned in Samoa? Absolutely.

So be alert next time someone asks you for money.

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