A simple sign will do

Samoans who support their national airline, Samoa Airways, want the management to know something.

They are not happy with being told that they have to wrap their pusa umu, only after lining up and getting to the front of the queue at the check in counter.

“Why don’t they have a big sign at the entrance to tell people they have to make sure their pusa umu is wrapped before they queue up,” said one unhappy customer.

“It’s extremely frustrating when you’ve been lining up and you finally get to the front only to be told that you have to go back and wrap up your pusa umu.”

Well they’ve got a point.

How much will cost for a sign at the check in entrance? 

Surely it wouldn’t cost much. 

But imagine the cursing and the headaches saved. 

Most importantly, happy customers. 


Tell me more 

So plastic bags will be an illegal luxury from next Wednesday, and if you’re caught with one it could cost up to T$10,000 (in penalty points worth $100 each). 

But what M.N.R.E. still hasn’t told us is what sort of crime is worth how many penalty points? 

We all need to know how many plastic bags; straws and packing bags could cost us a heavy fine – let alone $10,000 many of us don’t have.


Samoa’s bio bag 

Speaking of the plastic ban, a reader writes:

I am mystified that we are doing away with the "one use bag". This is the Samoa Bio-Bag that rightly so - a few years ago we made a big noise about - environmentally friendly - starts to decompose in 18 days in soil and oxygen made predominantly of starch - first in the region to develop a bag like this - a biodegradable bag etc etc.

But here's the issue - it is being replaced with large plastic bags that virtually never decompose - the ones on the roll or the loose packed ones - the stores are now happily giving these real problem bags out -  all in favour of the proud soon to be gone Samoa Bio-Bag. 

It just doesn't make sense.

Footnote - in our house that Bio-Bag has never been "One Use" its used lots of times for lots of different jobs before its disposed of properly.

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