Public decry fuel price rise

By Bethel Peato Ale 06 December 2021, 10:06PM

Sopepa Solomona, 24, Fasitootai.

"I know the price of gas has gone up and there is nothing we can do about it since the world is experiencing the effect. I only pray that the Government can assist the public by lessening prices of other goods and services such as food items, to decrease the cost of living."

Ben Vui, 24, Pu’apu’a. 

"If the price of petrol has gone up then the Government should be reasonable to us taxi drivers, taxi owners by raising the cost of fares to coincide with the increase of gas. It’s not fair to increase the cost of petrol while the fares still remain the same."

Moana Ioelu, 32, Aleisa

"I am a bus driver and I along with other fellow bus drivers are outraged by the increase in the cost of diesel and petrol. However, we cannot do much about it because our Government is buying gas from foreign countries. I only wish that the Government could also raise the cost of taxi and bus fares so we can have enough for ourselves and our families."

Siolo Sao, 54, Fusi Saoluafata & Gautavai.

"As of right now, I currently pay more for gas than what I’m earning as a taxi driver. I know I’m not the only one feeling the bane from the high prices for gas and fuel. I hope the Government would also increase fare prices for taxis and buses so that we can earn enough to take care of our families."

Farani Vaifale, 48, Solosolo.

"For us vehicle owners, the rising costs have added stress to commute and weekly routines; suddenly, popping out for errands or dropping children at school has taken on new financial weight. I now take the bus because it costs less than driving a car."

Rosa Avapalu, 56, Tulaele & Lefagaoalii.

"The people are suffering from all these increases in essentials such as diesel and petrol, but we can’t do anything because our small island nation is dependent on overseas suppliers for petrol and gas. I can plead to the government to please do something about this because it’s making the people suffer."


By Bethel Peato Ale 06 December 2021, 10:06PM
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