What do you think of the Central Bank warning against investing in OneCoin?

By Talaia Mika 29 April 2019, 12:00AM

I recommend that our local families should stick to the big companies or businesses that have been established long ago. Most foreigners in Samoa today are untrustworthy and we do not have to trust them that easily. Let's not look for something that we are not sure of. But let's just give our faith to God to provide us with that and not those foreign investors, whom we're not sure if we will get any returns from our investment.

If it's something good, why not? But if we know that it's risky to just live off our money like that then why waste? This is the part where we put our faith in God to show us the way to get the money so people should start thinking about that. My family has also invested their money into this OneCoin whatever. But I cannot say that I am 100 per cent sure if it's all accurate and believable, because I have heard many rumors about it these days so let's just pray and hope for the best.

I would like to request the Prime Minister and his men to ban this scheme from our country if it's something that fishy. I have heard various rumours about this OneCoin business but I have never had any interests in it because of these kinds of results. I believe that our people should just invest their money in businesses that have spent years here and those we trust instead of these foreign investors. If we're in need of money then have faith in God because he's got all the answers for our people.

My warning to Samoa is to be careful. If a person comes and tells you that you can put in whatever amount, and says you will receive thousands in return, then how can we agree so lightly to that? We should be super careful of these risky businesses because we never know where our money will be going, then we might be losing our money out of the blue – especially for our poor families who are striving for income. I also recommend that the bank should find out more before they publicise a statement. But if it is true then I ask our country to be very careful of OneCoin. Our Samoan people are not very smart at these things, who knows our money might get lost somewhere and we cannot find them again.

If it's a suspicious scheme, then I don't think it should be allowed in Samoa. I've heard so many rumors about this and one of my relatives is already part of it and look what happened? The people said she would be receiving her money by November last year but nothing. That is why I will never agree with this business investor. I would rather have my own business and make my own money, than giving my money to something that has no guarantee you will get something in return.

I invested $500 already because I believe that you will get blessings from what you don't see. In November last year, I was supposed to receive my money but up until now I still haven't received any and that's why I am disappointed. But I will have faith again and see what happens because as of right now, I don't know if I will ever invest in that again. So it's kind of a 50-50 chance of supporting and not supporting the OneCoin scheme. 

By Talaia Mika 29 April 2019, 12:00AM
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