Public slam increase in price of goods

By Bethel Peato Ale 23 November 2021, 10:58PM

Silao Fisa, 30, Vaitele-fou

"It's very distressing that prices of goods such as rice have tripled over the past week, it feels like a heavy load has been added on the shoulders of our people. I urge the Government to please look into the matter and find the businesses who are overcharging the public."

Joe Ifale, 21, Faleasi'u

"The price of a bag of rice has quadrupled from its normal going price. Considering the fact that the majority are on minimum wage, it's a huge burden added to the people of Samoa. I know that the businesses overcharging people are trying to make a profit, but that doesn’t give them the right to steal from us."

Jacinta Ah Colt, 41, Fagali'i

"The current price of a kilo of price is simply outrageous, I know that the shortage of rice since last week has prompted the prices to increase, but M.C.I.L has not notified the public that there would be a spike in prices. The Government should do something about this as families are struggling with church and family obligations, and these increases in prices have added to the burden."

Faaumu Taisolo, 57, Samusu Alaeipata

"I applaud the new Government for some of the initiatives they implemented such as the 20 per cent discount on all utilities such as water, electricity, and ferry fees to Savaii. However, they should act on the current challenge faced by our people, the rise in price of goods. There should be a discount on the cost of goods as well to help poor families struggling to make it day-by-day."

Malelega Iona, 31, Saleilua Falealili

"There was a notice issued by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labor regarding a report by members of the public that businesses are overpricing food items such as rice which is true. A kilo of rice would normally be $1.70, but now it’s almost $5, the Government should locate those doing this and charge them."

Atafu Atafu, 24, Magiagi

"Some families are struggling with the spike in prices of goods such as a bag of rice. It used to cost about $39 tala for a medium size bag, but now it’s almost $60 tala. I know that rice is in short supply because we’re waiting for supply ships from overseas, but the Government should have been well prepared for this type of situation."

By Bethel Peato Ale 23 November 2021, 10:58PM
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