Mothers share views on vaccination

By Soli Wilson 28 March 2019, 12:00AM

Faaupu Tauloa, 47, Sapapali'i.

Personally, I feel like this goes back to the nurses. If they know they're not fully aware of what they are handling and don't possess the knowledge to vaccinate the kids, then they shouldn't do it. They need to know exactly the risks and the dangers of what they are doing in order for them to prevent and avoid these things from happening again. Truth is, vaccination is useful, it's important; there weren't any major effects before those big cases last year. It was only because there was a lack of knowledge to do with the types of injections needed and not by the affected children.

Ainoama Levaula, 52, Lepea.

They shouldn't stop vaccination in the first place because it's very important. That keeps the children safe from their newborn stages right up to when they are grown. Children get sick when parents are careless in looking after them. But in terms of vaccines for children? Its still very important. In any country, it's something that is considered important, it should be the same for us too. The nurses were careless in handling the stuff which led to the unfortunate cases in Savaii but otherwise, our children should still be getting vaccinated.

Ua'i Wilson, 55, Eva.

Getting vaccination is something that's needed, this is a major help to the mothers actually, in taking care of the children and other so that they do not get sick often. But I believe that as a mother, it is so important that the children all get their full vaccinations from when they are young right to when they're old, this ensure that they remain protected wherever they may be because no mother want's to see their child getting sickly. Our nurses and doctors need to really look into their books again and be diligent when working with children's vaccines.

Iutita Savea Vitale, 76, Amaile.

I understand they've held back vaccinations due to the parents doubts to protect their children's lives. But if the Ministry wants to resume normal vaccinations, there is no harm in that. It was just the two cases last year that created  distrust in vaccinations. I support vaccination of children but the nurses and doctors need to gain the trust of the people again, slowly but surely because it's important and it's very useful for the children. 

Akenese Ioane, 27, Moamoa.

I have two children who have all been vaccinated before the unfortunate matter happened last year in Savaii. With my unborn child right, I'm worried when the time comes for him to have an injection. Even if my newborn doesn't get his vaccination, I'd rather have nurses and doctors be sure first of what they are doing. Even I want to know exactly what they are injecting into my child before they do so, for the safety of my child. That said, I do want my child to be vaccinated.

Erolini Tauiliili, 28, Faleapuna.

To me, they need to really sit down and find out why exactly it happened, how it happened and what risks are there that we need to know about in order for us to make that decision again on vaccination. I know it's very important for the children to get it.  I believe in the power of vaccinations and I still want my child to get it because we've all gotten it and nothing bad has happened to any of us.


By Soli Wilson 28 March 2019, 12:00AM
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