Public call for nurses' wages to be increased

By Gutu Faasau 12 November 2022, 1:00PM

Reporter Gutu Faasau and Photographer Rashmi Lameta talk to members of the public how how nurses are leaving their jobs as they are poorly paid.

Sina Galuafi, 20, Siusega

"As a nursing student, I think it's a good thing because it is my future and my future depends on it. Nurses deserve to have their wages raised because of all the work they do at the hospital and especially because they are the frontliners to deadly diseases like Covid. They take care of people, they sacrifice so much and risk their life for the people. They deserve to have their wages raised."

Salvation Naoupu, 22,Nofoalii

"Many of us really need the help of our nurses and the Government should do something about and increase their wages. There are a lot of people who want to go in to this profession but the pay isn't so attractive. Their job is really important and they also require better wages for helping the people."

Milarevival Fiaui, 24, Fagalii

"They have to do something about the wages of the nurses and increase it for the sake of the nurses, the job that they do is a permanent one and it is a hard job too. The services that they provide are really good."

Sina White, 44, Apia

"I agree with the idea that nurse should have their salaries increased and I think they deserve it. Out of all the jobs that people have in life, nurses are the ones who have the job of being responsible for the health of the people. Like when people are sick, affected by natural disasters, especially like Covid-19, they can go as far as missing out on their family time. I believe that nurses should really have a pay rise."

Tavita Weir, 26, Saleimoa

"My understanding is that this job is a very hard job. Many people in our country constantly need help in the hospital and my personal opinion is that they should raise the wages and it should be based on their work performance. There is a need for a lot more nurses and this is a way for attracting them with a very attractive wages."

By Gutu Faasau 12 November 2022, 1:00PM
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