S.M.O.G.A gives water access to Loto Taumafai

By Marc Membrere 29 November 2021, 11:02PM

Accessing water will no longer be a challenge for Loto Taumafai school students after the St. Mary's Old Girls Association (S.M.O.G.A) stepped forward to connect water at the disability students facility.

The water project is part of the association’s charity work to commemorate 65 years since St. Mary's College at Vaimoso was established.

The SMOGA team (Team 10 Blue Margueritas) not only provided access to water but also funded the installation of two sinks outside the hall – which were both modified to be of the same height as the resident’s children who use wheelchairs.

Previously, the disability facility did not have modified sinks to enable easy and convenient water access, with the residents fetching water from the school’s kitchen.

Bags of treats were also presented to the students of the facility with members of the S.M.O.G.A Team 10 converging on the facility at Vaitele fou to officially hand over the project to the students and the staff.

In an interview with the Samoa Observer, the S.M.O.G.A. Captain for team 10 Charlotte Chan Mow Brunt said this was the reason they had chosen Loto Taumafai.

"We chose Loto Taumafai because some of our team members or mothers, they have children here and some of us have close relatives that come through so we thought this is a good charity cause its close to our heart as well," she said.

"You know as the saying goes, water is life and it was very disheartening and so sad [...] to hear that they have to fetch fresh water from another building to facilitate the kitchen every time the children will have lunch here.”

Mrs. Brunt said they saw this as a priority as health and safety for Loto Taumafai is important. 

The SMOGA team was assisted by the Samoa Water Authority (S.W.A) to get access to the main water system with the work from then on by the plumber, who was engaged by the association members.

Discussions have also begun with the disability centre for their assistance to the school to become an annual charity programme according to Mrs Brunt.

"First of all I would like to thank the school because they have to actually accept [...] our request, we don't just come and do whatever we want," she said.

Mrs Brunt also thanked the Principal and Board of Loto Taumafai as well as the S.W.A and the plumber who did the work at the school for a discount price.

"We are very grateful for that," she said. "And most importantly I would like to thank our team members, our team 10 blue for the fundraising that we had to do to get all this funding for this to be able to be fulfilled."

Loto Taumafai Principal Vaiana Otto told the Samoa Observer that the gift they have received is important for children's health as their school has had water access challenges for a while.

She said prior to the project there was no water access in the kitchen and the residents did not have sinks to wash their hands.

"I would like to give a big thank you to the President and especially the captain of team 10 for this opportunity for Loto Taumafai," she said.

"Words cannot explain the feeling of happiness and thankfulness.

"Loto Taumafai feels really grateful for this important opportunity that they have given us."

The Principal also thanked the S.M.O.G.A for the charity work that they have done.

By Marc Membrere 29 November 2021, 11:02PM
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