Parents see positives in homeschooling

By Talaia Mika 26 March 2020, 6:00PM

Parents at Faleasiu and Satapuala are beginning to see the positives of homeschooling following the closure of all schools due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat.

Faavae Iese, of Faleolo, Fiapito Auelua, of Satapuala, and Rosa Aniseko, of Faleasiu, told Samoa Observer that they now see the benefits of homeschooling their children after the Government closed all educational institutions.

Mrs. Iese said the school closure means more time with her children unlike before.

“Not only are we spending enough time with our children, we also get to experience for ourselves as parents how our children are learning in school,” she said.

The mother of five is fortunate one of her daughters, Rouina Setu, is a teacher at Faleasiu Primary School. 

“I guess my family is lucky in terms of homeschooling since I have my daughter who is a teacher,” she said.

For Mrs. Aniseko, having her children back home is an opportunity for her to instil discipline in them as a parent. 

“As we all know, most parents complain of how their children are being treated in schools especially when the teachers beat them up,” said the mother of two.

“And if our children are not behaving in school, then this is the chance for us to discipline their behaviours and learn about the struggles teachers go through, not only to teach our children and to discipline them as well.”

Her children were provided with homework by their teachers with her youngest attending the Faleasiu Primary School and oldest at the Malua Fou College. 

But for Mrs Auelua, accidents that her children may encounter while at school or on the way to school, is now not a problem with them at home.

But their journey to Leififi and Samoa Colleges can be arduous as they have to be up early to catch the bus before sunrise Monday to Friday.  

Asked why she wouldn’t send her children to a nearby school, she said the schools in town are more advanced in terms of education and technology.

“At least for this short amount of time I get to educate them at home and feel what the teachers are feeling every day and of course to get my mind off the worries of sending and waiting for them after school,” she added. 

By Talaia Mika 26 March 2020, 6:00PM
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