Stress solutions

Think a minute…A man went to the doctor feeling stressed and suffering from constant headaches. He followed the doctor’s orders to stop smoking and drinking, yet he continued having headaches. So the doctor told him to quit his stressful job.

Even after taking such a radical step for the cure, the man still kept suffering from the headaches. Finally, they discovered the mysterious cause of his headaches: his shirt collars were too tight! He had been wearing a size 16 collar on his size 17½ neck. Sometimes the answer to our problem is much simpler than we think. Here are a few good, practical solutions for stress. 

First, clear out the clutter at your job and home. Just a few minutes each day of clearing your work desk and things at home will help create a calmer, less stressful environment in which you work and live.     

Another solution is to carefully choose the words you say, especially the tone of your voice, your body language, and your facial expressions. What you say, and especially how you say it, makes a big difference whether you create a peaceful, happy climate in your home and workplace—or a tense and angry one. Never give other people the power to make you grouchy, impatient or unkind.    

One of the easiest solutions to stress is physical exercise. This is the way our bodies cancel out stress hormones which improves our state of mind and mood. Unfortunately, many of us find every excuse not to exercise. It reminds me of what a comedian said about the Olympics: “It’s a place where thousands of people who desperately need exercise sit watching a few people who desperately need rest.”

We can also help reduce our stress level when we learn to handle mistakes with grace and patience. Remember, the only person who never makes mistakes is the one who does nothing. Not one of us human beings is perfect, so we must learn to adjust and accept each other’s mistakes without getting angry and frustrated.  

Since stress is part of life, it is vital that we learn how to handle it well. If you keep carrying it inside, you will not only stress yourself out, but also those who live and work with you—so everyone suffers! But if you let it go in a healthy way by unloading each stressful thought and feeling onto Jesus, you can learn to live His way every day. Remember, He is the only way to a truly stress-free life. Just think a minute…

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