Feeling, faith, and fact

Think a minute…A young man was discouraged and depressed about the problems he was going through. His wise father asked him: “Son, have you ever gone through a tunnel?” “Yes,” his son answered. His father continued, “When you were in the tunnel, did you think the sun no longer existed?” “No, of course not,” said the young man. “I knew the sun was in the sky, even though I was in the tunnel and could not see it. Hm…I see. The facts remain the same no matter how I feel. I suppose I need to live by the facts, not by my feelings.” 

It reminds me of a poem entitled “Feeling, Faith, and Fact.” It goes like this: “Three went for a walk on a wall: feeling, faith, and fact. Feeling took a bad fall, and faith was taken back. Faith walked so close to feeling that he fell too. But fact remained, and pulled faith up, and faith brought feeling too.” 

In other words, what we believe and see with our eyes of faith is just as real as what we see with our physical eyes. In fact, there are much bigger facts around us than the little ones we humans see. No matter how we feel, the facts of the universe never change. 

The amazing size and design of our universe clearly shows that it had to be made by a Creator of infinite power and intelligence. There is so much compelling evidence of the perfect design of DNA, the human mind and body, our solar system, atmosphere, gravity, seasons, tides, the vast variety of animals and plant life, the incredible migratory instincts of animals, and the list is nearly endless. One example of these many evidences is the fact that if the earth were only a tiny bit closer to the sun, we would all burn to death, but if it was a tiny bit farther away from the sun, we would all freeze to death! That is not some unbelievably lucky coincidence! No matter what you feel or think, the compelling facts of the universe and the One Who made it are still true. 

So what about the fact of the most famous person who ever lived? The life of Jesus Christ is the turning point of history. The world’s calendar is centered on His birth. Many great people have lived in the world, but none of them were announced hundreds of years beforehand. None of them was executed and buried, then came back to life and was seen, heard and even touched by hundreds of different people over a period of 6 weeks. None of them was God, except Jesus Christ. 

So today, won’t you once and for all put your faith in the facts? That your Creator loves you so much He not only created you to share His world with, but He even humiliated Himself by becoming a human being to give His perfectly innocent life and rise again to save you from everlasting suffering and death, completely separated from Him and His life. Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and living your own way, so He can help you start living His true way by your faith in the facts that will never change? Just think a minute…

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