Charge What You’re Worth

Think a minute… The famous car manufacturer Henry Ford was the first to use the assembly line in his factory for mass production.

His company built and sold hundreds of cars each and every day. But one day the big generator that produced all the electricity for Ford’s factory suddenly stopped working. The entire factory shut down, costing Ford a massive amount of money. He quickly called one of the nation’s top engineers to come fix it.

The expert engineer soon arrived and began examining and tinkering with the big generator. After only one hour, the engineer had found the problem and fixed it! Immediately Ford’s factory began making cars and money again.

A few days later Ford received the bill in the mail from that top engineer for fixing Ford’s factory generator. The bill was $10,000! Ford could not believe how expensive it was, so he called the engineer on the phone.

He said: “Excuse me, Sir, but isn’t $10,000 rather high for just 1 hour of tinkering?” The engineer replied: “Mr. Ford, I’m charging you $10 for my one hour of tinkering, and $9,990 for knowing WHERE to tinker!” Ford answered: “I guess you’re right.” And Ford paid the engineer his $10,000.

People usually accept your own estimate of yourself. They give you the same worth you give yourself. So don’t sell yourself short! I’m not saying we should go around full of pride, thinking we are better than other people.

But if you have special abilities, training, or experience in a certain skill, then you have reason to be confident in your work and charge what you’re worth—whether it be with computers, sales, carpentry, construction, business, farming, teaching, music, etc.

Obviously, the One Who really knows your abilities is the One Who designed and made you. In fact, no matter what the world says your value is, your real worth comes from how much your Maker paid for you.

God Himself paid for you with His own life. He actually became a human being to die for all of your sins, so you could choose not to be separated from Him and live in the worst agony forever. Today, won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for all of your wrong living and sins, and to become the Lord of every area of your life? It is only then you can start learning your real worth from the One Who designed and created you.

Just think a minute…

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