Public call for deferral of all flights into Samoa

By Bethel Peato Ale 26 October 2021, 10:23PM

Rosa Avapalu, 56, Tulaele & Lefagaoalii.

“I do not agree with the repatriation flights resuming. I think we should keep our borders closed just to be safe. I know that the families and loved ones of these individuals who will be on the flights want to reunite, but they should put the safety of Samoa first because once the virus hits our small island country, it's game over for us.”

Liu Liu, 22, Magiagi.

“The Government should postpone these flights until they are a 100 per cent sure we’re safe from the Coronavirus and its deadly effects. Our neighbor Fiji is currently suffering from the delta variant of the COVID-19 pandemic. If we allow the repatriation flights to resume we will be next.”

Pofaamua Tumama Peletiso, 30, Fusi Saoluafata.

"I have family overseas who desperately want to return to Samoa. However, I told them to just stay put over there until it is safe for them to come back home. I believe that if we close our borders, then COVID-19 won’t be able to make its way to Samoa. The Government should stop these flights and prioritise protecting Samoa."

Anetelea Ah-Sam, 56, Vaiusu.

“I pray that Government thinks very carefully about their decision to resume repatriation flights and cancels them. It’s the most logical thing for Samoa right now is to stay isolated because the Coronavirus is evolving and is much more deadly than before when it first made its presence known to the world in 2019.”

Emma Leilua, 20, Vaitoloa.

"The COVID-19 delta variant of the virus is running rampant in Fiji because they reopened their borders. If we do the same then we will be in the same predicament Fiji is in right now. We aren’t a big nation, that’s why I’m certain that when the virus arrives here we’ll be wiped out."

Malaga Sila, 35, Leone.

"I don’t know why the Government is allowing our borders to reopen for these flights when the COVID-19 disease is running amuck around the world. After that incident last week where a man escaped from a quarantine site and visited Apia, I am not confident that we are ready to reopen our borders."

Ferila Purcell, 23, Nu'u.

"In my own opinion, I think it's best if we just are patient and slow down a little. Opening borders and allowing repatriation as we are always cautious and witness every day that our health is at risk from this pandemic. Best to have our borders locked and ease down on the flights."

Avaavau Avaavau, 56, Lelata.

"My view on the subject is that it's paramount that we endure and cancel the opening of our borders and also the repatriation flights. We see on the news and on the internet foreign countries that have lost countless lives to the pandemic. The Government should have our borders locked cease the flights until further notice."

By Bethel Peato Ale 26 October 2021, 10:23PM
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