Mixed reaction to top cop's medical travel

Rosalina Inafo, 43, Saleaumua

"In my own opinion, the Police Commissioner should not leave the country at this moment as Samoa is in a time of uncertainty time due to the parliamentary crisis. Only God who sees everyone’s heart and only the Commissioner himself know and understand exactly the true meaning of his leaving so for us Samoa, a Christian country founded by God, let’s keep praying as an important weapon for us. Whoever will be leading us, let’s hope they lead us with love and the truth but not temptations."

Nana Misiuaita, 37, Faleseela-Tai Lefaga

"What I think is it is not a good move to leave the country at this time of uncertainty. It is very easy to see that it’s not a decision made from the spirit of God. He should not leave the country and why is he sick now? He’s being healthy all along and why now. We saw that when FAST won a petition it was always blocked and now petitions are nearly done and he decides to leave? He should wait and see what will happen to Samoa."

Tietie Folasaitu Vaili, 57, Saoluafata

"I believe good Health is a priority for all of us and I’m saying that whatever title and high position we have, when it comes to sickness there is no excuse. We can’t buy a life from a shop, we all know that but if the Commissioner is not in the good health, he should put that first than everything else. I acknowledge le Afioga Tauiliili Egon Keil and what he did for our country, he is a good leader and a good person. So if he is not well, let him do what is needed to do for himself. But the government alone must put an end to this political crisis."

Filisi Smith, 21, Tulaele

"It is not bad to go overseas for medical treatment if it’s not available here. He has to look after himself first, as all of us and everyone first priority. But I think the timing of his leaving is not right and it raises a lot of questions in the minds of the Samoan people. We all know what is happening to Samoa and we look forward to the Police and where they truly stand with the Courts or the other side. This is the big question now."

Ropati  Poasa, 24, Vaitele

"It’s only the Commissioner that knows the true reason for his leaving. If he is not in a good health and if he leaves the country, it’s a very good opportunity for other leaders who are in the Ministry to step up and take control of the situation. Who knows, maybe that’s God's will for us? Like Moses and Joshua who led Israel to the promised land. Moses started it and Joshua finished it.There are other leaders in the Ministry if the Commissioner is not well. Let’s have faith Samoa."

Silao Reupena, 28, Leauvaa

"The Commissioner should not turn away from his duties and responsibilities in serving the nation just because he is sick, he swore a promise to serve and protect the people of Samoa. I believe that he is trying to run away from his responsibilities as things are not going well with the Human Rights Protection Party."

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