Early preparations for coronavirus vital, Samoans say

By Marc Membrere 10 March 2020, 10:00AM

Meridith Mataia, 40, Falelauniu

All flights should be stopped now. If Samoa wants to protect its people then we have to stop any incoming flights now so that no one comes into the country. The measles epidemic had just finished and now we are facing another disease. I know that the disease has a chance of reaching our country so we have to prepare early for it.

Mose Joe, 29, Falelauniu

Prevention is better than cure. The other thing is that we need to be prepared at all times for this disease, not like during the measles outbreak, because when measles reached our country we started to panic and prepared at the last minute. We should have faith in the Lord and pray everyday because that is the solution to all problems.

Manila Tipasa, 21, Moamoa

Everyone needs to maintain hygiene, especially the way we cook our food. People who go out in public need to wear surgical masks to prevent the spread of any disease. The other thing is we need to carry around hand sanitizers because we would usually shake peoples' hands and that is one way of spreading germs. At home, people need to keep clean and stay away from any unhygienic areas.

Susana Tu'uaso, 38, Aleipata

We need to protect our country from this disease and classes should be cancelled if the virus does reach our country. Prevention is better than cure. I have family in both Australia and New Zealand, even though there are reported cases in these countries, my families there are still safe.

Logomu Laulu, 49, Malifa

We should be prepared now because New Zealand has now been affected by the coronavirus. All flights should be stopped now but I believe that we are well prepared for the disease. Incoming travel should be stopped until there is a reduction in coronavirus cases. In terms of preparation, we should stock up on supplies. This is the right time to start buying these supplies before they go out of stock.

PJ Taupau, 24, Satapuala

I don't think the coronavirus will reach our shores but if it does I know that the Government will protect us. They already have a plan in place to protect the public when the virus gets to Samoa.

By Marc Membrere 10 March 2020, 10:00AM
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