How can we protect young women and girls on public transportation?

By Shalveen Chand 07 March 2024, 11:00PM

Ati Ah Fook (49) Leauvaa

"From my perspective as a bus driver, it's quite alarming how cases like these are happening on the island but I do what I can to help out. I believe that the best initiative to take is for our Government to allocate buses for students only, it can be a lot of work but it will most definitely solve the problem. I feel every child deserves to be comfortable on public transport and to have to go through inappropriate matters.


Benny Fanalilo (27) Faleasi'u.

It's sad that this issue even exists for a Christianity country like Samoa, breaks my heart because I care for the safety of the young generations. I propose it shouldn't be just parents that look into the matter, police and all adults should be responsible for our children's safety. I don't dare take my young ones on public transport, I have a car for that. I prefer to have them picked up and dropped off instead under the supervision of a family member.


Tavita Seese (40) Faleasiu

I have a daughter myself and I feel for her safety because of hazards like this, every child deserves safety and should feel safe. I have never wanted her to travel on public transport, I'd prefer for a parent to travel together with their child and guide them during cases like these. We should also have more school buses that are allocated for educational institutions, it would allow children to feel safe and comfortable.


Ake Ailini (35) Utualii-Tai

This situation isn't new and it's becoming an ear-sore hearing that people are walking around with vices in their hearts. The matter should be addressed and something has to be done by public transport owners to ensure the safety of our young children, especially young girls. It's an unbearable fact to face. I suggest parents should either travel together with their children or better yet have allocated buses in schools and institutions involving children, we must safeguard the upcoming generation as they are our future for tomorrow.


Tepatasi Notoa (42) Faleapuna

There should be an awareness outreach to notify this sort of situation, many people don't know and even more people don't care. Our main priority as adults and as a nation and also our government is to protect and ensure that children are safe. I'm an open book and I stand firmly that it is the parents' responsibility to travel with their children to school or wherever, it's not safe out there.


Maria Seiloga (48) Leauva'a

It's a traumatising event to happen to any child, and they should speak up if things like these ever occur. Their safety is the public's priority, they say it takes a village to raise and nurture a child and that is what I live by daily. My daughter in College waits for me after school so I can pick her up and travel safely home. I've instructed her to wait for me and never get into a bus or taxi without my presence because I fear that anything could happen to her. It's important to see them safe and have safety protocols on buses, such as ladies sitting down while the men can stand. We need more buses, overcrowding is also not safe and a lot of incidents happen due to overcrowded buses.

By Shalveen Chand 07 March 2024, 11:00PM
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