Should the TOA Samoa visit Samoa?

By Gutu Faasau 22 November 2022, 10:00AM
  • Street Talk | Reporter Gutu Faasau and Photographer Rashmi Lameta talk to members of the public on whether the history-making Toa Samoa team should be brought home. 

Joe Williams, 42, Satuimalufilufi 

"The boys did very well in their last match, even though they did not win the cup finals, they did well to show respect even in defeat. It would be nice to have them come back so we can celebrate together their success in the world cup. The whole nation has been behind the team every step of the way, this includes the other Samoans around the world and in different countries celebrating as well, and to have them here would be awesome for us and even for them."

Johnny Touli, 35. Tuaefu

"The Toa should come, they have to come and have a parade here in their homeland they were representing. It would be very nice as well if the Government did something for them. Even though the game on Sunday didn't turn out the way we wanted it to turn out, I still enjoyed the game, they played very well and I am really proud of them."

Tupulua Sakaria, 16, Laulii

"They have to come home because they have seen the support from the country and it wasn't easy. We had many different villages with their own parades. All the way in Salafai, there were even parades on the water from the islands of Manono and Apolima showing their full support for the TOA Samoa players. I think they should really come back and deliver their thanks, and get to meet their families, friends and the children who are looking up to them as rugby stars, we can host one big parade for all of us."

Suaesi Alaia, 35, Fagaloa

"We didn't win the tournament but we still performed and conducted themselves properly. Our team should return home so that we can celebrate their efforts and show how happy we are with them."

Alatasiane Alfred, 24, Vaitele-Fou

"I think it depends on their financial support, if the whole team is able to fund their visit to Samoa. It is a good opportunity for the guys to come back to Samoa and meet their local supporters at home. A lot of them were born and raised overseas, they would definitely love to visit their place of origin and explore the beauty of our nation."

Peresia Silva, 32, Vaitele

"They don't really need to come back. We are supporting them all the way from here and that's all we can do for them. The match was all enough for us, it was perfect and they won all our hearts."


Toa Samoa
By Gutu Faasau 22 November 2022, 10:00AM
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