Public call for action to stop student brawls

By Jean Datsun Tuimauga 10 November 2022, 12:00PM

NUS Journalism student Jean Datsun Tuimauga and Photographer Rashmi Lameta talk to members of the public about last Friday's student brawl.

Asolelei Kerisimasi, 20, Samusu

"There's nothing we can do about those students who are caught fighting in town, they must be put in Tanumalala jail to teach them a lesson. It might get them to stop fighting."

Pu'a Laufiso, 48, Falelauniu

"I would like to share my thoughts about fighting in town. As parents we should teach our children how to love each other. I believe parents are doing their duties to teach them and the teachers too. I don't know why they are having differences between schools and are fighting in town. In my opinion, schools should have school buses to drop them off at their school compound and also to drop them at home rather than catching buses in town. I feel so sad that students who are not involved in fights but are getting into trouble because of what others did especially the young ones who are waiting for their buses. I hope schools will buy their own school buses to drop and pick up students from school and home. Students must be safe because they are going to school to do their best and work hard for their future. We don't want them to fight in town, we want them to have a better future. Whichever schools are they attending one, they are all children of Samoa. We all should be careful." 

Samoa Fuiavailili, 42, Moamoa

"In my opinion we should stop school for this time to solve this problem. We can look other options before taking our children back to school because we don't know who started it. People are not going to school anymore. Why is this happening to these two schools? But for me that's what we should do to settle the problems, that is to stop school for now on, for the safety of students. There's are no parents who don't love their children. This is my decision because my children are attending Leififi College as I heard Saint Joseph and Leififi College are involved in this fighting. No one asked our children to start fight in town, we want our children to have a better life. Parents are affected too because the fightings are still on going and it is sad that students and even those who are not going to school are getting involved in it."

Atijoseph Falefia, 18, Gagaifo Lefaga.

"My advice for the students fighting in town. It has to stop!! What are they doing? They have to think of image of their parents too and what about bringing that kind of attitude in public places. No parent has told their children to come and fight at the market and some of these children are using their common sense on what to do in public and what not to do in public. Special thanks to our police for their services in stopping students fighting in town."

Lesa Beverly Kepu.

"The affects our businesses at the market and bus stands negatively. We have to teach the children a lesson. One dead fly can destroy all the oil. If we locked them up it increases the misunderstanding, and they don't know anything. We should make a plan to make them stay home and face their mom and dad every day and we will see how they feel then. If we say school should be closed it will affect other students who are not involved in the fights. All these things should stop because they get nothing out of these fights and they will end up failing."

Tony Viliamu, 25, Lepea

"For me, it shows that these students are lacking education even if they are going to school. They don't realise that the fights also affect us because they end up damaging the products that we are selling. They should have school buses for each school so that they drop each student at their homes and not come to town anymore because here in town they mix with gangs and other groups. Also the main reason some schools fight is because of these small gangs in town. Other students are looking for a better future while some are just out in town causing trouble. Special request to the government for each school to have school buses to drop the students straight home. No more going to town."


By Jean Datsun Tuimauga 10 November 2022, 12:00PM
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