Moana Pasifika express support for Samoa

By Marc Membrere 24 March 2022, 9:54PM

Members of the Moana Pasifika Super Rugby team say their thoughts and prayers are with the people of Samoa as the country continues a 14-day lockdown in a bid to reduce COVID-19 community cases.

Moana Pasifika Assistant Coach Leota Filo Tiatia, who spoke on behalf of the team during an interview with the Samoa Observer on Thursday, said they are hoping that families in Samoa stay safe during the 14-day lockdown.

"On behalf of the Moana Pasifika team, with all our families that are going through isolation and lockdown, we all pray that everyone stays safe," Leota said. 

Leota emphasised the need for communication with loved ones during these challenging times as everyone tries to navigate the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

"Because the main thing is you can still see the blue sky, whatever you can see around the house, that's important and how you can communicate with people, even your neighbours that's gonna be quite important as well," he said. "But my only real message for our families in Samoa that is going through this lockdown period is to please communicate with each other."

Manu Samoa second five eight Henry Taefu, who will make his debut against the Hurricanes on Friday night, told this newspaper that he is aware of the lockdown Samoa is currently going through.

Due to his debut on Friday night, Taefu confirmed that he had received messages of support from his families in the villages of Samatau and Falelatai.

"Today I got a nice little video so when you make your debut for our team the team asks your families to put together videos and I got a lot of videos from my family in Samatau,” he told this newspaper. “My grandmother there, a lot of my cousins, my aunties sent them videos so it's just awesome that I get to see their faces on the screen today [Thursday] when we got our jersey presented to us.

"I know about the lockdown that's happening at the moment, alofaaga to everyone in Samoa, especially to my aiga, Tina in Samatau and Falelatai, my family there.

"Just hang in there guys, lockdowns are just part of the normal now in the world. 

“We've been in a few lockdowns here [New Zealand] but it'll end so just make the most of it, it might be a good time to relax and get to talk to your family members."

Taefu added that by seeing the videos of his family showing their support, it made him miss his family in Samoa.

"Thank you so much for the videos, thank you for the support," he said. "You guys are showing me a lot of love and hopefully I get to see you guys really soon."


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By Marc Membrere 24 March 2022, 9:54PM
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