First vaccinations top 95,000

By Tina Mata'afa-Tufele 07 September 2021, 10:00AM

A total of 95,350 people have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination as of Monday, 6 September.

That’s 78.2 per cent of the eligible population according to numbers released by the country’s Ministry of Health (M.O.H.) on Tuesday.

Of the 95,350 who have received the first dose, 49,899 are male and 45,451 are female.

The number of fully vaccinated is at 44,076 or 36.2 per cent of the eligible population, said the M.O.H.; 23,901 are males and 20,175 are females.

M.O.H. urges all eligible members of the community to come forth and get vaccinated.

The district with the highest coverage of first dose vaccinations is Lotofaga with 92.1 per cent of the eligible population having received the initial vaccine.

Additional districts that have greater than 80 per cent covered by the first dose are: Vaisigano (85 per cent); Faasaleleaga No. 3 (81.8 per cent); Lepa (80.7 per cent) and Gagaifomauga No. 1 (80.6 per cent).

Twenty-six districts have between 71 per cent to 80 per cent of its eligible population covered with the first dose: Alataua i Sisifo (79.9 per cent); Aleipata-itu-i-Luga (79.2 per cent); Palauli No. 2 (78.8 per cent); Vaimauga No. 2 (78.7 per cent); Faleata No. 3 (77.5 per cent); Satupaitea (77 per cent); Palauli No. 1 (76.8 per cent); Falelatai and Samatau (76.7 per cent); Palauli No. 3 (76 per cent); Gagaifomauga No. 2 (75.5 per cent); Vaimauga No. 3 (75.5 per cent); Vaisigano No. 1 (75 per cent); Vaimauga No. 4 (75 per cent); Faleata No. 1 (74.8 per cent); Faasaleleaga No. 5 (74.3 per cent); Vaa o Fonoti (74.2 per cent); Falealupo (73.7 per cent); Faleata No. 2 (73.6 per cent); Faasaleleaga No. 2 (73.5 per cent); Anoamaa No. 2 (73.3 per cent); Faasaleleaga No. 4 (72.3 per cent); Vaimauga No. 1 (72.1 per cent); Safata No. 2 (71.4 per cent); Salega No. 1 (71.2 per cent); Sagaga No. 2 (71 per cent) and Sagaga No. 3 (71 per cent).

Eighteen districts have between 61 to 70 per cent covered by the first dose: Aana Alofi No. 2 (70.3 per cent); Gagaemauga No. 2 (70.3 per cent); Gagaifomauga No. 3 (70.2 per cent); Salega No. 2 (69.2 per cent); Anoamaa No. 1 (69.2 per cent); Faleata No. 4 (68.9 per cent); Falealili No. 2 (68.8 per cent); Aiga i le Tai (68.6 per cent); Gagaemauga No. 1 (67.8 per cent); Aleipata-Itu-i-Lalo (67 per cent); Sagaga No. 1 (66.7 per cent); Lefaga & Faleaseela (65.7 per cent); Sagaga No. 4 (65 per cent); Falealili No. 1 (64.9 per cent) Aana Alofi No. 1 (63.8 per cent); Aana Alofi No. 4 (62 per cent); Faasaleleaga No. 1 (62 per cent) and Aana Alofi No. 3 (61.8 per cent).

 Siumu has 60.7 per cent coverage and 53.2 per cent of Safata No. 1 has received the first dose.

“Please come forth and have your COVID-19 vaccinations done,” said M.O.H.

“Target percentage of vaccination to achieve is 99 per cent.”

In COVID-19 news from New Zealand, people of faith have been called on to keep the Assemblies of God Church of Samoa cluster in their prayers, the New Zealand Herald reports.

The cluster emerged out of a combined rally, attended by more than 500 people, with several other churches attending. 

The event was held on Sunday, August 15, two days before the first Delta community case was detected and the country placed in lockdown.

There are now 332 people linked to the church who have tested positive for the Delta strain, and church spokesperson Jerome Mika all church members to get vaccinated as soon as possible.



By Tina Mata'afa-Tufele 07 September 2021, 10:00AM
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