Newlyweds tell of epic times in Savai’i

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 02 August 2017, 12:00AM

Newlyweds’ Tom and Laura Everett were about to head out to fill in as many activities to their day before flying the same day later in the evening. 

The Samoa Observer catches up with them at the tail end of their trip.

The pair got married during an intimate ceremony at the Le Lagoto Resort in Savai’i almost two weeks ago and they couldn’t stop raving about Savai’i where they had spent most of their time. 

Without hesitation, Tom gets right into it,

“Savai’i is beautiful,” he said. “People are lovely, it’s just stunning, the food is amazing, the swimming is epic.”

Laura continues. 

“The beautiful beaches, everybody is just so friendly, always waving to us always coming up to us wanting to talk about their village or what’s going on in their lives and their culture. It was just nice to get really immersed in the culture there in Savai’i.”

Tom confidently finishes off Laura’s sentence by adding “Seki a Savai’i” with a big smile.

Apparently he was initiated into local slang by hotel staff members who told him to use it in conversation with Samoans. 

“They told me to say that to the locals, they’ll get a surprise.”

The couple continued to list all of the amazing things they crammed into the week and a half in Savai’i. 

“The Blow holes in Savai’i were pretty epic and we just swam a lot.”

 “We did lots of snorkeling at Le lagoto and we got to see a umu demonstration, we visited one of the local preschools there in Auala, Savai’i when we stayed at the Vaimoana Seaside lodge for a couple of nights.” 

“The food was lovely there and they catered to me very well because I’m a vegetarian.”

Dear Tourist asked them for their thoughts on Apia and Laura starts of by saying that it is definitely a faster pace on Upolu. 

Tom joked: “Yeah!  It feels busy here, we’re from Auckland so it shouldn’t feel like it’s busy to us.” 

Laura agrees but added: “I think definitely getting out to Savai’i I suppose we got to see more of village life as opposed to just staying here in Apia. I think it’s important to get out of Apia and experience both worlds and see both islands.”

And eventhough it was their last day in Samoa, Laura was already thinking about returning. 

“We wished would have seen more of Upolu but we just ran out of time because we are leaving later tonight. It’s our first time to Samoa and I think definitely we’ll be back again. We can’t believe how friendly everybody’s been to us.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 02 August 2017, 12:00AM
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