Savalalo market to close month end

By Sialai Sarafina Sanerivi 07 June 2023, 11:00PM

The Samoa Land Corporation has invited interested contractors including companies to submit tenders for the dismantling and removal of all existing buildings within the Savalalo flea market compound. 

The Corporation has also announced that the market will be permanently closed starting on 30 June, so they can clear out the place for the construction work to commence. 

The public tender notice from S.L.C. outlined that the work are not limited to the dismantling of all existing buildings around the compound and removing usable materials, but includes all bit and piece items including rubbish and debris out of the site and establishing, executing and monitoring the public safety management plan for pedestrians and traffic. 

It is the sole responsibility of the winning contractor to provide relevant insurance coverage for their employees, third party and the general public during the dismantling and removal of all existing buildings and therefore indemnifies S.L.C. from any related claims. 

In an exclusive interview with the Chief Executive Officer of S.L.C. in April of this year, Ulugia Petelo Kavesi confirmed that the construction of the multi-million tala Savalalo market funded by the New Zealand government is expected to begin in October or November this year. 

Ulugia also confirmed that Tinai, Gordon and Associates won the bid to be the Project Manager for the multi-million tala Savalalo Market re-development project and construction is set to start in either October or November. 

He also explained that five local companies expressed interest when the project manager position was advertised for the project. 

However, Tinai, Gordon and Associates won the bid and was endorsed by Cabinet in December of last year to supervise the construction work for the new Savalalo market, funded by the Government of New Zealand

Ulugia confirmed that S.L.C. will advertise the last phase of the project next month and as per procurement policies, it will take them about three months to recruit a company to carry out the last phase of the project. 

"There are three different phases of the project," said Ulugia. 

"The first one was the concept design of the project and Sucon Consulting company won the bid and Cabinet had already approved the design for the soon-to-be Savalalo market. 

"Cabinet had also approved the Project Manager to supervise the implementation of the project.

"Nevertheless, the Government of New Zealand and the Government of Samoa had officially signed the grant of $20 million tala which was initially announced by the former Prime Minister of N.Z. in August of last year for this project."

The grant was officially signed by the two governments in April of this year. 

"The project is expected to be completed within 15 to 18 months so we are looking at either December 2024 or January 2025 to officially open the Savalalo flea market."

Ulugia confirmed that the estimated cost of the project is $29 million tala. 

"The government of N.Z. has already pledged a total of $NZD12 million which is equivalent to $20 million tala. The government of Samoa through S.L.C. will contribute $10 million tala to complete the project," she said.

"It is expected that the new flea market will give Apia a facelift and will also open up offices inside the market offering essential services for our people."

In September of last year, this newspaper revealed that the re-development of the Savalalo market project will give the capital a new look with the soon-to-be modern-looking flea market. 

The Cabinet endorsed and approved the design for the project, which was prepared and presented by Sucon Consulting founder and Managing Director, Lefaotogi Paletalasala Faolotoi.

The winning design was inspired by the famous Samoan legend, Vaea and Apaula with Lefaotogi proposing to also change the name of the market from Savalalo market to "Tuisavalalo market".

The 3D photos and videos of the winning design, which has been accepted and picked by the Government, looks nothing like the old market that was previously there. 

The new design shows a more modern building that gives it a shopping mall look than the familiar market designs seen around Samoa.

By Sialai Sarafina Sanerivi 07 June 2023, 11:00PM
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