Doesn’t this remind us of Hans Dalton and Perry Tuilaepa?

Dear Editor,

Re: Alleged prison abuse claim  

Prison and Correction Facility’s Spokesperson Sagaga Galu Frost, get off your pity pot. You and your staff have been accused because you're not doing your jobs properly. 

Isnt' that how prisoners got their hands on multi-tool knives because your staff failed to search the cells for weapons and other items that could be used as a weapons against other prisoners, staff and visitors? 

Isn't that also the reason dangerous escapees are escaping from prison and go on a rape spree and hacking rampage armed with machetes because you and your staff failed to keep a watchful eye over them? 

What prisoner Nauer did, stab another prisoner, is not on and should never have happened. That incident could've been avoided too had you done your jobs properly. 

As for the prison run by matai, make up your mind would you? 

First you deny the allegation then in the next sentence you admit it, "“However about the allegations that prison is being run by matais I say it is not true. You see we are all about culture and traditions and so we every prison cell they have a leader which is a matai. They are the ones that help out with the prisoner’s behaviours so they are like our consultant (pei ni faufautua)."

It's good to have 'matai' offer peer support to the prisoners and advise them, but it's not on when they're given authority and power to tell prisoners to go beat up their fellow inmates or put their lives in danger when they've done the wrong thing. Remember what happened to Hans Dalton and prisoner Tuilaepa who died in the hands of prisoners too? 

And what is it with public servants these days when questioned they go on the defensive? They're on the defensive because of incompetence and guilty consciences and I find most to be very unprofessional too. 

Not surprising though. You'd only have to look at their big boss Stui and see the apples don't fall far from the tree.


Mebahel Raguel

Samoa Observer

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