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Dear Editor

Re: Police helpless to stop vendors  

You always like to spin the stories to positively reflect the government, because you are a complete capitalist, while I think the reality is sadly lacking because I like to point out the unfair distribution of wealth and corruption created under a pure capitalist system. 

There is massive unemployment in the 18 to 30 age group. 

This is the reality. The dismantling of the public works resulting in the creation jobs for the many is very suspect. 

The bidding process on many of the public work and construction jobs are still more likely to go those with connections. 

There is little faith that these jobs are obtained in a fair and equal bidding system. The phone companies have done nothing to bring costs down for users. The phone companies are making tons of money with very little benefits seen by the people. 

You also miss my point when I complain about the cost of living in Samoa. 

I am referring to it in relation to the service provided and the cost of living in relation to the poor wages. 

It is you that is against an increase in the minimum wage not me. 

I am ok, I can survive the high cost of living in Samoa because my wage comes from Canada. 

It is Samoan people struggling to get by on a Samoan min wage of 60 tala per week that is of concern to me. 

The car issue, let’s look at that and what is currently happening. I believe the latest move from the government to kill the second hand car industry is a directive from his friends in the new car business so we will see how much of that business spin off for mechanics and so forth there remains once only new cars are sold in Samoa. 

We will revisit your point on that in 5 years. Ok. 

The airport is another thing we will look at in 5 years. I think someone made a great point when they mentioned that Samoa doesn’t even have its own airline what’s the point of the airport and the debt that was incurred if it was to only end up employing Chinese workers during construction and becomes just another white elephant in Samoa. 

Again regarding the Chinese I think it is KH who complains that he is ok with all the foreigners coming in to open businesses but he is upset that they get to avoid certain taxes and laws that he must abide by. 

There needs to be a level playing field for everyone. Not one set of rules for the Chinese and another set of rules for Samoans. I think Moe Lei Sam would be satisfied if this was how things in Samoa were run as well. 

She seems like a reasonable, rational woman to me.

All your arguments are the positive spin of a pure capitalist who insists on painting everything capitalistic as completely virtuous. I strongly disagree because in reality your points have contributed to the growing gap between the rich and the poor, which is the real cause of the child vendors not bad parents.

The corruption in Samoa only adds to the problem. There is no fair bidding process in Samoa. It is who you know that insures you get the contracts not a fair bidding competition. 

Finally two phone companies engaging in price fixing does nothing for the consumer but creates much wealth for themselves. 

These are just some of the flaws in your capitalist model that you like to overlook and are an exacerbated problem in Samoa because of so much government corruption and lack of transparency or accountability. 

S.I.F.A. is a problem too as is the Controller and Chief Auditor being the P.M.’s son-in-law.


Wendy Wonder

Samoa Observer

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