Mixed reaction to call for seasonal work's abolition

By Marietherese Nauer 23 June 2021, 9:20PM

 Puipui Tavita, 65, Vaimoso

“I agree with Olo Fiti Va’ai and the Fast party that the seasonal worker scheme should not continue. With the incident that happened on Monday, it shows how our people lost control and acted like animals in public. Are we expecting this kind of cruel behavior overseas to represent our country? No, we do not need this kind of attitude, it does not show a good image of Samoa but disgusting and an embarrassment. There are job opportunities available for them here but they just want to do it the easier way."

Tina Pelenatina, 27, Vaiusu

“My own opinion is that why would I want to travel overseas when there are job opportunities here in Samoa? I will be more blessed to stay and work for my nation than travelling overseas and serving others. Somehow I am against Olo and FAST party because a lot of people who are applying for seasonal work want the best for their families to get higher salaries overseas in order to support their families back in Samoa.”

Siona Schuster, 52, Aleisa

“I think either we should have more jobs to go overseas to help support our families and I think Samoans really do need jobs at the moment. With the pandemic families are finding it hard to get money, especially families overseas but in Samoa we really need help from the  governments of New Zealand and Australia to support us and give us jobs so we could have opportunities to help our family. I really don’t agree with the FAST party, I think Mr. Tuilaepa should get another chance to be voted again because he’s giving job opportunities from overseas to our people of Samoa.”

Tava’esina Faanene, 53, Nofoalii

“I agree with FAST party to end seasonal employment because it will ruin a family’s comfort relationship. How can a mother travels overseas to work and leave her children behind? These are the issues arising from seasonal employment, couples will even break up and the whole family will fall apart."

Luafitu Ah Chong, 48, Vaiala

“I plead among the FAST party not to put an end to seasonal employment, those are perfect opportunities for our people. The purpose of our people to work overseas is to provide for their families in Samoa, they will get high salaries overseas and it’ll be easy to improve the lives of their families in Samoa. I humbly ask FAST party to have some love for the people of our country.”

Lauano Ah Ching, 56, Moamoa

“FAST party has said what needs to be done: our people are travelling overseas to seek job opportunities and our own country cannot provide for our own people. Highly educated Samoan people are even registering for seasonal work which is not good, they can do so much better than that. The problem is people from overseas are working in high positions in Samoa and Samoan people are looking for job opportunities overseas. By travelling overseas to work, it'll also destroy relationships between the families."

By Marietherese Nauer 23 June 2021, 9:20PM

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