Is there a connection between rising crime and the S.O.E?

In my family, I forbid my children especially the boys from leaving the house at the evening starting from 6pm where we have to conduct our evening family services. And with the current state of emergency declared by the Government, I believe we are in no position to blame the S.O.E over our careless actions and us parents for not disciplining our children properly. The S.O.E is to protect us although I do not agree with most of the orders there but it's for the better when it comes to  health. I believe the problem is with families not keeping their children at home at a time they should be home.

Staying home is the key. It teaches me good things like taking care of my younger relatives because I'm not in school anymore, and learning that family is where we get our blessings from. This stops me from going out with my friends especially at night which is what causes problems. If anything the S.O.E should keep us home, but that is not happening and that's why we are having a lot of crime.

Some people commit crime during the S.O.E because they think life has become harder. I had the same thoughts at one time but it all comes down to the part where we ask ourselves, what should we do? What should we not do? And this is where our families come in. It is a must for our families to use this opportunity to make up for the times we lost to be with not only our children but also with all our family members. Too often we blame the youths but aren't there older people we see on television and newspaper committing crimes too?

I think crime is an impact of the lockdown. Life these days especially since the Covid-19 has become even more expensive and it keeps getting worse. Some people get too overwhelmed with these impacts that they are either not in their right minds or they are but they just decide to frustrate themselves by doing the bad things which makes them end up in prison. The only solution for us Samoans is to pray. That's all I can think of.

People have been overwhelmed by the circumstances brought about by the pandemic. That's why they are misbehaving.  But we should be calm and do what we have to do and look after our families. People should feel safer under the S.O.E despite the disagreements with the orders especially with the shops being closed on Sunday.

When it comes to committing crimes, we should not be blaming other people.  Each person is responsible for their own action. I believe it all comes down to our families not disciplining their children. I believe in the power of our Samoan system that was strongly emphasised back in the days. I believe this system comes in handy all the time and especially from keeping our children and relatives at home or at least preventing them from committing a crime. We are safe under the S.O.E with regards to our health and our environment.

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