Should more financial assistance be given to people in need?

Lupe Valoaga, 43, Lefaga

A lot of money is being spent by our country but people such as the elderly need financial assistance. There should be a certain amount of money that should be given to the people that need assistance. It is all the Government's decision but there should be money to help people.

Raine Taua Toso, 41, Vaitele-tai

I have seen a lot of money sent from people overseas for our country but we still see poor people in Samoa. The money from overseas should be divided and given to families that have a lot of unemployed people and are in need of help.

Siumu Telesia Ioane, 60, Siumu

Money that is given to us from other countries isn't being used wisely. The remaining money from any foreign aid money should be given to people in need of assistance such as the elderly people at Mapuifagalele. It is not worth spending all that money on high-rise buildings, that money should be given to people that need financial assistance. Samoa is not a poor country because we can depend on the plantation where we plant taro and banana.

Lupematasila Valoaga, 46, Lefaga

This money should be given to people that are in need of assistance. Our people know that this money from overseas should be given to the people but just a small amount is given to us. There should be a balance in what is given to the people and the Government. I think a little bit more should be given to the people to assist their families.

Jason Candelario, 18, Tuasivi

I think some assistance should be given to the people. I don't think a lot of assistance is given to those who need more help because most of it goes to the Government. It is for the people of Samoa, not only the Government.

Ionatana Tauaanae, 21, Lotopa

It really depends on what you mean about helping these people because people put themselves in certain situations. Most of them chose not to go to work. Foreign aid is helping everyone develop so it is helping us improve our economy and then therefore help them find more jobs. If we have more places that offer jobs then people will have more opportunities. It is Samoan culture to always give to one another so I am sure there are no families out there going hungry, they always have someone to help them. A lot of people are going back to cultivating their land because of the lockdown.

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