With no coronavirus case, should the Government re-open nightclubs?

Tuimanu’a Togagae, 47, Samata

If there is no disease here then I think nightclubs should open now. These people are just trying to run their business to earn an income. It’s been a while and I hope the remaining alcohol has been returned or delivered to other places for use. Nightclubs should be reopened because people want to have a good time however if the disease gets here then people have to be careful.

Vilitati Talatau, 60, Mulifanua

Nightclubs should be reopened. These businesses have been impacted because a lot of businesses have been closed because of the disease. The only thing that should be done is not allow anyone into the country while businesses here remain open. It’s been a while since they have been closed so I think it is time for nightclubs to reopen.

Sila Segi, 28, Vaimea

It’s nice right now because it is all being done for protection. Nightclubs shouldn’t be reopened yet, we should just wait for a little while until we are sure we are safe. I don’t really go out that much to nightclubs. I support the decision to keep nightclubs closed for our safety.

Maiava Lesatele, 49, Vaimoso

They should remain closed. It is also nice that they are closed because not much violence is happening because of nightclubs and I am happy that they remain closed so no accidents will happen. If you want to drink then I think it is best to drink at home.

Malae Kelemete, 50, Safata

It is true that we don’t know if the disease will get here or not but we are now safe because of these restrictions. To me the decision to keep them closed is good for now; until there is no disease then there should be plans to reopen them. They should remain closed for now. Protection is the most important thing for us. I don’t dislike nightclubs because I know these people are just trying to earn an income but for now, protection is important.

Tautiga Naseu, 49, Lefaga

In my opinion, I think they should remain closed for our protection and the safety of Samoa. Probably near the end of the year things will go back to normal, and then there would be a big opportunity to reopen. Right now there is still violence happening, it is not decreasing. Nightclubs are not the cause of the violence because it is the people there that have had too much to drink.

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