Public wants more effort into virus preparations

Tiaremoana Saio, 21, Vaivase

The Government hasn't put enough effort into preparing Samoa for coronavirus. It has provided information on it but I think it is not enough. Here at the National University of Samoa, of course they provide some platforms for us to prepare for the Coronavirus. Such a platform is the "Moodle" which is now being used for our online lectures. Even though lectures are online, it will take time for the students to adjust. The Government should run more workshops and practical stuff like teaching people how to prepare for situations like this. People will always panic, even though, they were advised of the situation before. I think the Government should run workshops every two weeks or the Ministries should go out to the villages. Limiting the number of flights to Samoa was a good plan by the Government.

Talalelei Leitupo, 21, Moamoa

The country is already prepared for the coronavirus because a lot of people are aware of its existence and its symptoms. I know that the symptoms are dry throat and it's more like flu symptoms so people need to be aware of it. If people start to feel these symptoms then they need to seek help. Hygiene also needs to be maintained to avoid the spread of the disease. There is no limit into how much effort the Government needs to put into preparation. It's not a bad thing to cancel most of the flights coming into Samoa. It's better to cancel the flights because this is the only way the virus might reach our country. If flights are to continue then more effort needs to be put into the health checks at the airport and within the quarantine area.

Sili Lisone, 20, Leufisa

We are currently preparing and waiting for the time the virus will reach Samoa. In my opinion, there is not enough effort the Government has put into preparations for the coronavirus. The disease is spreading rapidly in other countries because they weren't well prepared for the virus. Samoa can easily be affected if we aren't well prepared. I am not fully aware of the symptoms of the coronavirus so more information about it should be announced on television and radio. My family is preparing for the disease by keeping our home hygienic. Everyone needs to be well prepared for the coronavirus.

Maiava Simeki, 59, Sataoa

I am from a village that is very far from Apia so the Government really needs to convene workshops in our villages to prepare us for the disease. Our side of the island does not have good reception for television and radio so we are unaware of any information the Government announces. We shouldn't wait for the last minute, this is the right time to prepare. We have heard of the disease but we aren't fully aware of its symptoms. Flights into Samoa should be stopped because this is the doorway for the virus to reach our country. There isn't enough effort being put into preparing Samoa for the disease.

Simeataa Kaisia, 31, Tanugamanono

Samoa really needs to be prepared for the coronavirus. Most people aren't fully aware of the symptoms and origins of the disease so that is a sign that more effort should be put into preparing our country. Some families do not have any televisions or radios so the Government should find other ways to make people aware of the situation.

Ruta Elefatu, 26, Maagiagi

I believe that we aren't fully prepared for the coronavirus. The Government isn't putting much effort into preparing us for it. I have heard that there is no cure for the disease and I have also heard that there are still a lot of people entering our country so I don't think the airport is fully prepared either. The safety of our people is very important, especially the little kids. Not enough information is given to the public in order for us to prepare. Limiting flights into Samoa is a must and that will assist to protect our country from the virus.

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