Mixed reactions to Government's R.S.E. blacklist

For me they should be sacked because they were sent to work overseas, they did other things while their families were depending on them. The purpose for them going overseas is to earn money to support their families. In terms of the Government banning the villages where the offenders come from, they (Government) should not do that because it will affect other villagers seeking employment overseas.

Employment through this scheme is a great opportunity for us here in Samoa as its helps families, churches and the villages. But the full ban targeting the whole village — just because of one person's stupid action — well that's not fair for others who want similar opportunities. The Government should ban the person who did it, not the village. I don't support that decision.

“To me they (Government) should only ban the people who acted stupid and did not use the opportunity well. They should not stop others who are using the opportunity well, and also the village people who are using the opportunity well. There are so many Samoans who could easily fill the void.

For me overseas employment is a great opportunity for our country, but if the Government blacklists them, well they should select the right people to go overseas for work in the first place. Overseas employment has great benefits for our people and that is why our Government should select the people who will use the opportunity, and not make a bad name for Samoa.

For me, if that person who made the mistake accepts the blame and the consequences of his actions, then good. But the consequences of his actions should not affect other people, because they are using that opportunity well and are helping their families.

For me they (Government) should have given them a warning, maybe five years ban for the village not to take part in the seasonal workers programme, and the person who acted illegally should not be allowed to be part of the programme again.

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