The abuse of Government vehicles

24 October 2016, 12:00AM

Despite a raft of rules about the use of Government vehicles after work, there still appears to be a problem. Whether it is confusion about interpretation or simply employees flouting these rules this is a topic which is ongoing when you have sharp eyed citizens such as those we spoke to: :below.

Sa Ma’auga, 45, Vailu’utai.

The escalating  reports of the misuse of government vehicles by public servants is not new. The solution is very simple. The government should put up a taskforce to monitor the misuse and excesses of government vehicles outside office hours in terms of using vehicles for wrong purposes – if not, then file it at the Ministry of Police and then Court. If the matter sees these people in  Tafa’igata then so much the better.

Meafou Uluta’ileuo, 42, Sa’aga Siumu.

Seeing the abuse of government vehicles every day is really sad. The government should look deeper into this issue of using government vehicles for personal use by officials and their families or friends, including bringing their wives, husbands or children to office, school and work.

Kurene Tailiko, 22, Apolima.

As a government employee, the misuse of government vehicles for personal use or family fa’alavelave should land the person in court. The problem with our government is – too many laws and regulations by the government but they do not abide by them.

Sia’a Latese, 42, Sale’ilua, Falealili.

The use of government vehicles is only allowed for official business and should be authorized by should be either a government C.E.O. or a Minister.  The government should look into this ongoing problem and find ways to get rid of these inappropriate actions as soon as possible.

Vaitu’utu’u Apisaloma, 28, Vaitele-Uta.

This is really confusing. The government set up their own rules but don’t follow them. The only people who are authorised to drive after working hours or use those vehicles for family are ministers, associate ministers and government C.E.O.s, their children and spouses. Those are the people we should deal with. 

Su’eina Semisi, 29, Vaitele-Uta.

I think this is one of the many concerns about the misuse of government assets. A law should be enforced to try and keep the use of vehicles to working hours only.  There's a lot of money spent on these government assets and we don't want to pay bills and taxes just so that these mindless people can go for a cruise and damage more government property.


24 October 2016, 12:00AM

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