Alcohol sales extension hours

31 October 2018, 12:00AM


With the extension of hours to sell alcohol in retail shops to 1.00 AM by the Liquor Board on October 25, 2018, our reporter Talaia Mika had to ask the public about their views on whether the extension was a positive move forward for Samoa, considering alcohol has been associated with many social crimes and domestic violence issues in the country. The response from some members of the public are highlighted below: 


Failani Saili, 74, Tanugamanono

I strongly do not support this extension hours of alcohol sales. In my own belief, that will only add up to the problems of the youth nowadays. If we could change it again and lessen the hours for alcohol sales then it would be nice. I advise whoever is handling this to open alcohol market early so it could be closed early as well because I tell you alcohol is the number one cause of most of the problems these days.



Toafa Ualika, 38, Fuailoloo

I 100 percent disagree with this new platform for alcohol business. The more time we give alcoholics and sell beer is the more problems we’ll cause ourselves. I’ve been an alcoholic before but I stopped drinking due to some personal problems but that’s my opinion. It’s too much space and time we’re giving to the alcoholics to waste money and make problems. It can satisfy the businesses making a lot of money out of it but they’re not considering the difficulties that can follow. I don’t like this extension hours.


Rosa Taulapapa, 50, Vaitele Fou

I do not support the time extended for alcohol sale in Samoa because we all know even the Prime Minister knows that alcohol is the number one factor that’s causing so much trouble in our communities, especially the youth. Even our families rarely have peace when one of their members is an alcohol victim. It’s becoming a sweet practice for the youngsters. Every alcoholic gets blamed for every corrupt moves found in families specially. Most children don’t respect their parents when they get involved alcohol. Even the businesses disregard the time because they make money and there’s no use advising the public about alcohol-related problems because the time for selling alcohol has been extended.


Filipo Seufale, 55, Vaitele Fou

There’s this thing called bond and if drinking hours get stretched then that means it’s also an extension for the wicked to strike. This is past our bedtime. A deep discussion is when you think about all sides of the story. To be honest, this is too much time for alcohol sales and it’s adding up to the family problems. No one’s the same as the other and some prefer to cause trouble when affected by alcohol because not everyone’s educated inside a classroom. The right time to stop selling alcohol is somewhere around 8.00 PM. I do not support this new extension hours of alcohol being sold to the people, especially the youth.


Toni Aukusitino, 27, Lepea

My opinion on this is that it’s a very good idea to extend opening hours for alcohol to be sold in relation to the times that I need to buy alcohol. Some nights, I just wait for the time to buy beer even if it’s late in the night at 10.00 PM. Now that the opening hours to alcohol have been extended, I’ll say I am indeed very happy for I’ll buy beer earlier for satisfaction. I also know that a lot of businesses can benefit from this new extension, so why not? This is such a nice idea for us alcoholics. Thank you.


Rikisone Masame, 23, Vaitele Fou

I love this new platform because it can help out the developing businesses but the only problem with it is Sunday. Midnight is still Sunday so I don’t think it should even reach midnight. Let’s not try the dominant culture of not prioritising church services on Sundays by opening the extension of alcohol hours. We Samoans are Christians. We shouldn’t allow alcohol on Sundays when we should be staying home with our families.


Timoteo Timoteo, 20, Matautu

The only thing I love about this new extension is that it can help develop the businesses. We all know we mostly depend on businesses to raise our families and develop our country and alcohol has been one of the huge contributions of income for our families and our country. I also know that a lot of stores and businesses don’t sell alcohols on Sundays because of the laws being implemented but come to think of it, alcohol develops very good money here, so the extension of opening hours can help develop our businesses.


31 October 2018, 12:00AM

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