Should Ministers and Associate Ministers run private businesses while they are in the Government?

23 October 2018, 12:00AM

The interviews were done by Talaia Mika, a NUS diploma program final year student. Photos: Misiona Simo 

Patricia Anna Tanielu, 19, Faatoia

I do not agree because they work in the Government and gain a lot from it and there are some other people aside from them, who need money and put up their own businesses and they’re taking that opportunity for other people to build up their own businesses. They have a lot of money from being ministers. There should be a law to guide them and stop them from repeating this mistake.



Tavita Tuialii, 38, Asau

They should be the first ones to obey and respect the Government. They were chosen to become leaders to lead our country. If the government laws cannot punish them from making this mistake, then I say let’s make a new law to officially ban them from creating their own businesses. If they were chosen to represent the people then they should stick to running the country and let their businesses be run by their wives and children.





Taisa Emosi, 40, Manono

There’s this saying that putting together all bottles can break them. I totally disagree with them putting up their own businesses while they’re in charge of running the country.  He will surely give all of his attention to his business and not in the running of the country. You cannot worship two Gods at a time. They are also getting paid with huge amount of money as ministers. They might strive for more and forget their places as leaders in the Government and in the country.


Faith Ualesi, 20, Vaitele Fou

I don’t support ministers putting up their own businesses because that can be a reason for them to use our country’s money for their businesses. Those are exactly the type of matters that O.L.P. talks about. They can survive by using their own pay as ministers because we all know they are well paid.


Faaofonuu Iosefo Faamausili, 59, Sogi

A minister has five years in the Government. Once that five-year reign is reached then they get replaced. How will they live and develop their own families if they are banned from developing their own businesses? They are just the same as us. We work to earn income for our families. There shouldn’t be any business of other people to stop them from putting up their own businesses to develop their own families. How will their families survive and develop after those five years of running the country and doing nothing for their own families?


23 October 2018, 12:00AM

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