From hero to zero

08 March 2016, 12:00AM

They went from being heroes in the eyes of the Samoan rugby public to zero. We are talking about the Manu Samoa Sevens team at the Las Vegas Sevens. They shocked the rugby world with a victory over Fiji on Saturday but then from there onwards, they lost the plot. They eventually won the shield but then who cares anymore. What do you think of our team? What’s wrong with them? Vatapuia Maiava asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said. The worst news for Samoa is that we’ve got Fiji again this week in Vancouver:

It is very disappointing. I know that the boys have the fitness yet the skill to get the ball is absent from the way they play. They need to try and play smarter especially during the scrums and line-outs. The way they play now is mindless and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s some of our boys first time playing at the international level. Their defense is also lacking so much and they need to improve. They have so much potential especially after seeing them beat a team like Fiji but they don’t play smart.


It’s very disappointing, but it happens. Losses like this leave you disappointed for a few days but everyone will get over it. What I think about our team is that they lack discipline, the boys can only do so much but the management needs to pull up their socks. Sometimes when I see them playing I feel as if they forgot what they are representing when on the field, they need to remember that with that jersey on their backs they are taking the name of Samoa with them.


I didn’t watch it myself but I heard about the game from a friend. When I heard about how they beat Fiji it felt good but then they kept losing after. In my opinion the boys are improving yet they still have so much work to do. They have the fitness and strength and the only thing now is for our new boys to get the rhythm of the game because I don’t think they have got the hang of playing in the international spotlight yet.


The boys didn’t do so well during the weekend. I got so excited when they beat Fiji and had high hopes thinking that our boys are finally back in their groove but then they lost against Argentina and France. I think they gave all their energy during the Fiji game and had none left over for the rest of the tournament. They need more work.


The team didn’t do too well but I believe that they have the potential to do great. Right now they need to focus on playing more consistent games rather than winning some and losing some. We are a proud nation and when they represent us they need to put in their whole heart when playing.


The team that we have is really good and they have the fitness to take them far but they need to perform better. The way they gave their all when playing against Fiji is the way they should play throughout the tournament. I have also noticed that they no longer play scared which is an improvement from the other tournaments earlier this year.


08 March 2016, 12:00AM

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