Should the Government build another airport at Ti’avea?

By Talaia Mika 18 October 2018, 12:00AM

*The Street Talk was done by Talaia Mika who is a N.U.S. diploma in journalism final year student.

Photos: Misiona Simo

Vaiana Emosi, 40, Manono-Tai

I do not support having two airports in Samoa. Reason being is because I live at Manono island and if the Faleolo Airport suddenly closes down and we’re recommended to travel all the way to Tia’vea then it will be very expensive for us. It’s like saying let’s make that side of Samoa better than the other side of Samoa which is basically where we’re at. Plus, it’s a waste of money. One airport is enough and fair for the whole of Samoa.


Sala Raki, 33, Vaimoso

I think it’s fair enough that another airport should be established in Ti’avea because people on that side of Samoa also need better transportation. We should think broadly about what’s fair for everyone especially people living on that side. They barely get blessings like that because mostly the urban areas and the other side of Samoa are being given the simple life in terms of transportation in particular.


Unasa Tauheia Levaai, 36, Siufaga Savaii

I believe it can be a good benefit for our country in terms of trading. We are very much involved in the world trading products and another airport would help speed up the transportation of products overseas. It’s good that our government is using any opportunities we can get. We should also look at the safety of our people. There can be bad and stormy weather conditions, so it can be easier for people living on that side of Upolu to use the Ti’avea airport instead of coming all the way to Faleolo when we know it’s unsafe.


John Leafa, 40, Lalomanu

I do not support this new airport at Tia’vea. It’s too far and costs a lot for the government while we’re in debt with China big time. Another thing is that the Church ministers are fighting for their taxes and we’re about to waste big money on this airport while one airport is enough for everyone. Samoa is moving forward and almost all the families in Samoa have vehicles so I don’t see any reason why there should be another airport.


Eseta Levi, 38, Vaitele

It’s nice because it’s safer for the transportation of people. Plus, one of the ministers complained about the location of the other airports. I agree with him because it should face where the wind is coming so it can be easier and safer for people to travel unlike the other airports facing the wrong way. It’s also safer for people because we don’t know what might happen if they come all the way from Ti’avea to Faleolo to go overseas.


Maliko Sagote, 40, Faleula

I disagree with this new airport because if I live in Savaii and I’m recommended to go to Ti’avea to catch my flight at 10pm, then I might just catch some wings and fly all the way to Ti’avea just to catch my flight. I know a lot will think it’s safer and fair for people living on that side of the country but what about us here in Savaii? I think it’s fairer to have just one airport for transportation and that’s Faleolo airport. Plus, it’s a waste of money. We work hard to pay our taxes and I think it’s a waste if we use on a new airport while one is enough.

By Talaia Mika 18 October 2018, 12:00AM

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