Women as Head of State: Good or Bad

08 January 2018, 12:00AM

What do you think about having a woman as the Head of State? Nefertiti Matatia asked in today’s street talk. This is what they said:


Edmund Ioka 35 years old Vailima

I think that we should not change what God has already planned, the core foundation of creation is that men are to be leaders, not women. Women are meant to be advisors, not to be the head of anything, there is a reason and a cause behind why God aligned mankind the way it is. We as humans should never question his thoughts because we would never think the way He does, let us make a change for what He has established. Change can bring good or bad to the nation. In my opinion, this change can lead to a dysfunctional country.


Eseta Levi 37 years old Vaitele

Most men are good leaders; the way they approach people are different from how women do it. So in my own opinion, I do not think that there should be a change, let the men do what they do best and that is to guide and lead the people. As a woman, we are gifted with a mouthpiece to speak with so much reason, but at the same time our emotions could hold us back from making the right decision. This is why I think that it is best to let men lead the way.


Visesio Mate 62 years old Aele-Fou

We are a Christian nation and we are founded on God, this is the reason we had a prayer week and the nation fasted to lift all our plans to our Heavenly Father. Maybe it is time for a change, for our country to have a woman leader. We shall accept what happens because it is God who is behind this all and if it is His will, then let it be done. But I know the government will make the right choice for the benefit of its citizen.


Vaisaulu Satele Mah-Sun 67 years old Vaitele-Uta

If men want to lead, then women should also have the same eagerness. In my own opinion, we should always give respect to our brothers or fathers. Let them lead until no men walk the face of the earth. There are certain roles that suit women and there are also roles that do not fit them. In the beginning it was always men who were assigned to be the Head of State, so I disagree with a woman to be a head of state. I am against it for a woman to be on that seat when it was made for a man. God gave us leaders and they were men, it is not a woman’s job.

Val Silver 19 years old Faleula

I think it is right that we should switch the seats, to have something new and different because we have been having men in leadership roles for a very long time now. Well maybe this is the big change and shift that we have waited for, I am certain that having a female on that chair would be a great idea. There will be a big difference, but I know that it will be for the betterment and welfare of the people.


Sandra Laufili 32 years old Saleimoa and Maagiagi

Since we we talk about gender equality these days, I think this will be a stepping stone to having a fair leadership role between men and women. I believe there is a time for everything and also a season for change, and I feel that now is the time. Having a woman take the lead would be something different, there would be new ideas and new thoughts which could be used to develop our country, we will never know until we try. So I support having a woman take over.


08 January 2018, 12:00AM

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