Should construction workers be allowed to work on Sunday?

27 August 2017, 12:00AM

The decision to allow Chinese construction workers to work on Sunday has attracted widespread anger. Members of the public are very vocal against  calling on the government to change the laws to stop them from doing Sunday work. What do you think? Should Chinese and other foreign builders be allowed to work on Sunday? Lizzy Hunt asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:


Tau Va’ai, 20, Tulaele 

There are Sundays where I don’t go to church but staying home doesn’t mean I have to go and do any construction work or any hard labor that I know I shouldn’t be doing on a Sunday. With all the rumors that I heard about this construction work that these people are doing on Sunday when our Samoan people are going to church, it’s just not right, so I recommend that the government be able to think deeply about this matter and make sure that these Chinese won’t be able to do their construction work on Sunday.


Neino Pili, 32, Faleasiu

If we are a Christian country then why are we allowing these outsiders to do their construction work on Sunday? I think it’s best that we do something about this matter asap. We can’t just allow these Chinese to just do whatever they want on Sunday. It’s really impolite for them to bang their hammers and just make noise while the people of Samoa sing and pray on Sunday. I suggest that they stop right now; I don’t want to see them doing any more work on Sunday.


Logoitino Salima, 22, Vaiola

As a citizen of Samoa, I am really unhappy with these foreign people coming in our country, building businesses on our lands, bringing in different goods and now they are also doing their hammering and shoveling work on Sunday. They don’t even have respect at all. I think this has to be stopped . The government should do something about this.


Ezra Lolo, 25,Lalomanu 

In my own opinion, these construction workers shouldn’t be able to do their hard works on Sunday, as a matter of fact, they should either stay home, cook some food and rest, and they must know that everyone goes to church on Sunday; even the prime minister himself never misses going to church, so why don’t we just all do the same. If we don’t go to church them we might as well spend our time to read our bibles or pray for the ones that are going to church but don’t do any hard work. 


Sio Sa’o, 44, Tufuiopa

It is unacceptable that we allow these foreigners to do construction work on Sunday while the citizens of our country are praising our Lord. Sometimes some Samoans join in and together they disrespectfully do their work on Sunday just because they wanted the money. I totally agree with Tuilaepa Soiamoa, if you don’t go to church, read a Bible but don’t do any hard labor on Sunday.


Tataisio Lafao, 20, Tapuele’ele

Our country is a Christian country yet why are we allowing these people who are not from our country to do their construction work on Sunday, a day where people spare to go to church?, what’s even worse is that the work belongs to a Samoan. Isn’t six days of the week be enough for them to do their hard work. The Government should make sure that these foreigners won’t be able to do any more hard work on Sunday because it’s disrespectful especially when they make a lot of noise while people are there worshipping and resting on Sunday.


27 August 2017, 12:00AM

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