Manu Samoa’s losing streak

26 June 2018, 12:00AM

The poor performance of the Manu Samoa team has raised eyebrows for our rugby nation. Our reporter Adel Fruean asked if the Manu Samoa management team should  be replaced. This is what they said:

Andie Tiufea, 35, Taufusi

I do not want the management team to be replaced. In my opinion, it all falls on the players. If our team had the heart and the will to deliver a great performance than maybe we would have already won a game. But that is not the case, so many times our team has lost continuously and yet we always blame the coaches and managing team, but they are not the ones playing, the players are the ones participating in the games. There should be great improvement from the team but that’s the thing, it is all up to them. 

Peka, 57, Aleisa

I think it is not the management team’s fault that our rugby team cannot win any game. I think they are professionals and they know what they are doing. But if our team does not want to win then it is evident in their performance every time they lose. I saw on the television that our coach said our team did not want to win. That is really sad to hear because the Samoan people have supported our team through so much but they just want to be better.


Michael Aukuso, 43, Vaiusu

I only want the coach of our team to stay but the rest of the management team they should be replaced. I also would like to add that players from overseas countries should be permitted to play for our country’s team. I strongly believe that local players have the capacity to win tournaments. I have great faith in boys from our very own country. They can form a very strong team against other teams. 

Vaisaulu Satele Mah Sun, 67, Vaitele uta

I do not want the management team to be replaced. I only advise them to have patience in pushing our boys forward with their performance. Practice makes perfect and our team still has room for improvement so to me I still have great trust in our boys. We should pray for our boys and not criticize them so much. If you were in their shoes you cannot be so hasty to judge. I love our team even if they win or lose. I still believe that they are our boys meaning they are part of us as one people and one country. 


Miriama Sililo Tauai, 44, Saletele, Fagaloa

I believe they should change the management team because the preparation of the boys for every game is by them. If the players cannot be at their best performance it only means they were not trained well or fully prepared for the challenges it came with every game. Our team needs a good sense of direction and guidance so that is why I blame the management team for the loss.


Kalifa Petena, 47, Vailele

In my own perspective, it is not the management team that is to be blamed for the losing streak. I believe it is our players who have no will to perform in a higher level of excellence which is why we always lose. I think it’s about the money, maybe if they were paid like overseas players they would do better. Even if they change so many coaches it all comes down to the players and how they perform.

26 June 2018, 12:00AM

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