Public share views on remittances

17 February 2019, 12:00AM

“Remittances is Samoa’s largest form of foreign exchange earner with the 2017/18 financial year recording about $503.73 million tala in earnings. This shows the extent of the contribution by Samoans living abroad to the development of the nation. What do you think? Talaia Mika discussed the issue with members of the public and these are some of their views:

Karanina Manuo, 38, Magiagi

Personally as a Samoan, I am very grateful towards our families living overseas who are sending this money because I know for a fact that these remittances is the lifeblood of the country right now. It’s very important that our people value and appreciate the help from our people overseas.


Vaea Nakiso, 51, Faleasiu

I think the money we get from our family overseas is one of the biggest help for the government. Our people should be aware about the Samaritan work being done by our relatives oversea for us. Life right now is quite expensive and with this help, we can develop something good out of it. I really appreciate our relatives overseas and the work they do to provide for our people.


Afaatia Ataga, 21, Magiagi

Life in Samoa will not be the same if this source of income stops. I just hope our Government makes good use of such kindness. I also acknowledge the hard work of our relatives overseas for providing us with such blessings. May the good Lord bless and refill their pockets.


Renei Atonio, 20, Vaivase

I’d like to thank our families overseas for such kind help and for lending their shoulders every year when Samoa is in need of help. I honestly cannot imagine what this country will be like if this money were to suddenly stop. This is also why our people should be careful about what they say to our relatives overseas, we need them to keep giving.


Daniel Meki, 24, Fagalii

Many families in Samoa are poor and would otherwise struggle if it wasn’t for this source of income. We are extremely blessed and I think we should be deeply grateful. It’s a tremendous help for Samoa and I only hope that people living overseas will continue to give. The government should encourage this trend to continue because it also helps them.


Ioapo Samuelu, 25, Manono

Firstly, thank you to our relatives overseas for kindly remembering Samoa in their hearts. The money we’re getting every year as remittances is a huge amount and the best thing about it is that it goes straight to the families who need it. Thank you again.

17 February 2019, 12:00AM

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