Money Mentality (Part 1)

Think a minute . . . Not long ago a woman was on trial for the murder of her husband. She told police that she shot and killed her husband after they argued about money. Hopefully it never reach- es such a tragic end as this. But money is one of the biggest battle- grounds in marriage. Different thinking, values, and habits with money between a husband and wife can separate, even destroy, their relationship and family. Today and tomorrow we will dis- cuss how to better manage our money and different money mental- ities, so we can enjoy true peace and prosperity in our marriage. 

First, we need to understand that our arguments about money are often not really about money, but about our other problems which are deeper. For example, if the husband or wife spends money impulsively, it shows that they will tend to impulsively get what they want in other areas also. They will selfishly do what they feel like doing, instead of making decisions together with their wife or husband for the good of their marriage and children. 

Our money and possessions mean more than just those things we buy. For example, a car is just a way to take ourselves from one place to another; but many people buy a more expensive car to try to show how successful they are, even if they cannot afford it. So their spouse and children end up not having other more important things they need in life. Remember, “A fool can make money, but it takes a wise man to spend it.” Sadly, “Some people are in debt because they keep spending what they want their friends to think they make.” 

Today maybe you realize you need to start changing your money mentality and ways of spending. As the old song says: “Change your mentality. Wake up to reality.” In fact, the Bible talks more about money than it does about prayer and faith com- bined. Jesus taught often about money because He knows that the way we use money shows what kind of heart we have. You cannot change the way you live and use money until you change your heart. Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you and take charge of your way of living? His way is the only way that you, your spouse, and your children can start enjoying the true prosper- ity and peace He has planned for you. Just think a minute . . . 

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